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Act of splashing or a noodle dish If you want to go into the whole origin of the bulkake, it literally means the Extremw of splashing. The actual word is the name of a dish in Japan. Now that the lesson in Japanese is over, we can go back to their amzteur. We can all agree that they have some off the wall scenes and scenarios. It is no wonder that this one came from that culture. The very act of cumming on one's face multiple times in an orgy of sorts means that the Japanese culture has a fetish that involves group sex and an act where a man is superior to a woman. Now, no one is judging here. These are all fetishes and as long as they stay there, we are all good.

This is the exact reason why these sites are here and why we need to share them and let them be seen.

Some of the sites are supporting the whole golden Extrdme scene and the videos are all German made. Pissing in someone's face is German and cumming is Japanese. Why are we not surprised. Cum on everybody get ready to squirt A number of the sites that are covering any sort of cum play is staggeringly low.

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