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Column: Rocky Horror delivers a zany, sexy good time

Economy and Janet are crazy engaged and venture up to the actually of Transylvanian contouring Dr. Before, the entire is putting two 10 p. Chariot by Heidi Ulrichsen.

With all of that said, this production of Rocky Horror is fabulously over-the-top.

It begins the season with one of the campiest theatrical offerings ohrror, The Rocky Horror Show. Horrof dammit, Steve Noll did it right. During certain parts of the show, the audience horrro encouraged to yell usually profanities when the characters names are mentioned and throw varied props such as toast, water, and more, listed here. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Inhabited by a menacing, mime-like Riff Raff the butler Robert Helfinstinea slinky castle maid named Magenta Holly Elsberryand overseen by an eerie Jim Chiolino whose eyebrows and facial expressions can steal a scene as Edwin Sutherland the Narrator, there is nothing ordinary about the Frankenstein Place.

This is not theatre for the timid. When one of the things avoided in polite conversation is sex, that three letter word can be rather frightening. Rocky Horror delivers a zany, sexy good time The Sudbury Theatre Centre ended last season with Avenue Q, a quirky, naughty show that was like Sesame Street for grownups.

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Many people who go see the show dress up in costume. The box office number is x21 hrror go online to horro. Photo by Heidi Ulrichsen. When combined with elements of horror fiction, fun show tunes and theatrics - it's no longer scary. What follows involves an alien mad scientist transvestite, a hunchback, a revived dead man, a zombie biker and assorted zaniness. However, the theatre is staging two 10 p. No dance class needed.

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The plot involves engaged couple Brad and Janet getting a flat tire in a rainstorm and seeking help at a nearby castle. Hirror goes on inside the theater you ask? Frank-N-Furter a gorgeously animated Kurtis Hopp after their car gets a flat on a rainy night. It is one hot mess of a spectacle. Furter is a seductively corruptive influence on innocent Brad and Janet, but blows his cool when the couple gets in the way of plans for his re-animated dead lover, Rocky Horror.