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He has been known to alter his appearance by dying his hair and shaving his head, said police. Story continues below In an online graphic, Global used an interactive map to show a general area where registered sex offenders are living based on postal codes.

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Offenders who are pardoned can be taken off the registry. The data Sed sex ogfenders tend overwhelmingly to settle in low-income areas. Is there more violent crime in neighbourhoods with more registered sex offenders? There are smaller pockets in the Junction and Parkdale. Cornish had been initially sentenced to three years in the case but was released after serving more than 27 months, according to the document. There was no public safety issue here.

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The map now shows data for both April and May In Ottawa, registered sex offenders concentrate in Vanier, which has Police said they had been notified un the courts that Cornish had provided an address in London upon his release from custody after being arrested in March in another jurisdiction. How many registered sex offenders live in your neighbourhood? According to the map, central Kitchener has the highest concentration of registered sex offenders in the region. The ministry initially refused to release the information under an access-to-information request.