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Mutual masturbation

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Reaching under my skirt I slipped my panties off, dropping them to the floor before sitting down. I was planning to read but as I settled into the chair Jack shifted in Matsurbation sleep. As I thought about his touch I found my own hand Mastuurbation towards my cunt. I bunched my skirt up to give Msturbation better access, and leaned the chair back so the foot rest lifted my legs. I run my hand over my cunt, tracing my lips with a finger, letting it slide between them, and feeling the wet slickness Masturbation mutual picture.

I press my thumb against my clit, wiggling it without removing the pressure. Very quickly my breath quickens, and I push up against my hand. As I come I grit my teeth holding in my moans. I relax into the seat, moving my hand further down so I can slide a finger into myself, thrusting in and out as my cunt tightens and throbs around it. A noise startles me, and I open my eyes. Jack is standing by the sofa watching me, his shorts are pushed down his hips, and he is holding his cock. Keeping my eyes fixed on his I drop my hand back down, and purposefully slide two fingers into myself.

He bites his lip, and I shift my gaze, watching his hand stroking up and down his shaft, I match my pace to his, thrusting my fingers in and out. I curl my fingers inside me rocking them against my g-spot, and I feel the waves of my orgasm building. I look up at him, his eyes are now closed, and his hand movements are getting erratic. Angling it as he comes so I catch every drop across my bared breasts. No wonder some Scandinavian countries even teach mutual masturbation to adolescents [ 1 ]!

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Masturbating is common and healthy for both men and women. Even so, masturbating in front of your man can actually be kind of intimidating despite the fact that you might already have had sex. Rest assured that most people enjoy seeing their significant others in the throes of ecstasy, and mutual masturbation is the perfect exercise for this. In fact, it might be a fantasy for your man to see you masturbate. After all, no one knows how to touch him as well as he does. This could be an opportunity for you to learn about him and pick up a few tricks, and he could do the same for you.

Initiating Mutual Masturbation How do you get down to it? You can suggest mutual masturbation to your man in a variety of ways. One of the perks of mutual masturbation is that you can touch each other; although, you can certainly have fun with no-touching rules too. Another option is to strip for your man.

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You lose the clothing; he gains an erection. Sexy music plays in the background, and the lights are down low. Check it out here to learn how. Mutual masturbation can also start similarly to sex. You might be making out. Eventually, clothing comes off. Find a position where you can see — and show off to — your man check out our ultimate list of sex positions for inspiration. You might be standing or lying on the bed. This post on lesbian sex positions lists some great positions for fingerin g that will work well for mutual masturbation.

Rub your clit, pinch your nipples, slip a finger or two inside. Whatever it is that you like — do it. Your man will be doing the same. You can watch him stroking himself, but glance up to make eye contact, which will be incredibly intimate in this situation. Touch his face, his cheek, his abs. You know where he likes it. Read these 22 techniques for passionate kissing.