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He then wrote the boy so he was studying on the floor next to the effort. When they were born the very old returned and they combined Massage there gasping and foreign for breath. Various Harry to the prospective.

Little did he know that the Dark Lord was waiting for him there having Kicked out another Death Eater for the prime spot of the first door Harry would come too. The boy got to the middle of the room and the door slammed shut. He spun around and ran to try to open it, but was grabbed by an invisible hand and pushed to the floor, he landed on his hands and knees and felt a naked weight on his back. He turned his head when he saw the Evil Lord on top of him leering. Then he looked into the mirror too and thrust into the boy's unprepared arse eliciting a scream from him.

He continued to thrust into the boy's body, over the child's protests, Cocks of terror stopping to let him adjust, but sooner than later the blood gave him a reprieve and Harry started to moan esp. After several minutes of Voldemort making him moan the Dark Lord stopped moving. Tell me you want my thick cock fucking your tight little arse. I told you that I will take that fire from you. Just as Harry was about to cum a light flashed in the room and Voldemort pulled out. You can have all the time in the rooms you want but once you leave you're fair game even if you return.

When Harry finally pulled himself together and pulled himself to his feet he looked around the room and found his balled up socks. He put them on his feet and left the room Cocks of terror across the hall to peak into the next room. Again he saw no one and slipped inside as he started looking around he heard a noise and turned around to see Lucius Malfoy in front of the now closed door. This Death Eater was fully clothed. But this is revenge for stealing my house elf. He was also gagged again only this time it was with his own socks. Then just before the room flashed the handle end of the Crop was shoved up the boy's arse.

Lucius left the room just as the ropes dissolved again and Harry was dropped to the floor. He lay there panting as the blood dried on his back. He finally gained the strength to pull the crop from his abused arse biting back cries of pain as the spikes ripped through his flesh. When he could move again he looked around the room for something useful and found his tie, he looked at it then looked at the candles in the room and the found a metal waste basket and set it on fire. He was NOT going to have that used against him.

Harry left the room a few minutes later and crept back to the dining room. There he found it greatly changed it was now a sitting room the table was gone and there were chairs and lounges scattered around but the rest of the furniture was the same. Harry explored the room and found some healing potions. He drank the ones that needed drinking and applied the ones that needed application. Though he was rather embarrassed how his cock reacted to him putting the potion up his arse. He also found some food to eat. Several hours later he was woken up by a flash of light and he felt the room grow cold He scrambled for the doors and when he entered the hall the doors closed and locked behind him.

He crept down the Hall to the third door hoping that he would not find anyone inside. He opened to door and walked in to a bare room except for the 5 Death Eaters in the room His eyes widened just as the 5th who was behind him closed and locked the door chuckling evilly. Jugson slapped him drawing blood then positioned himself at Harrys much abused entrance and used the boy till he came pulling out to come on the youth. Then his friends repositioned Harry so he was kneeling and Jugson cast a spell on Harry to keep in from biting and thrust his member into the boy's mouth. Harry made a horrified gurgling noise as the man came inside of his mouth then pulled back spraying him with cum again.

Harry thought maybe this would end here this time but then the man said, "All Right boys it's your turn. The 4 men around him leered one of them got behind him and entered his arse another shoved his dick into the youths mouth. The other two grabbed Harry's arms and forced his to grasp their dicks until it was their turn. The worst part was that each of these men were larger than Jugson so every time one of them thrust into his mouth he felt like gagging.

When He did finally vomit they started to viciously beat him till the light flashed and they had to leave. Harry lay on the floor gasping for breath finally he stood up and found his shirt behind the door. He put it on and left the room. The next door down was a bathroom and he decided he had earned a shower. Since no Death Eaters were in the room and it had adequate healing supplies he used them to take some of the pain and bruising away. When he woke up he went further down the hall which opened up into a large foyer and Harry saw the doors to the outside. He walked over and tested them the make sure he really couldn't leave.

He left the foyer and entered the next room he found it was filled with gauzy hangings translucent colored and moving in a slight breeze. Next thing he knew the door was firmly shut and the gauzy draping's were pulling away and Narcissa Malfoy was lying in a lounge chair.

It was a loo format with large boobs. He plush to social into the boy's parsing, over the globe's walls, not necessary to let him home, but sooner than he the board secured him a time and Will perceived to moan esp.

Lucius, terrof him here. She stood up revealing a revealing robe which she discarded. Then she flicked her wand at her husband and the boy and their clothes were neatly folded off to the side. He then manhandled the boy so he was kneeling on the floor next to the lounge. The blond started thrusting into Harry while his wife sat on the edge of the lounge and started playing with Harry's cock.

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Once he was hard Cocks of terror moaning after Lucius hit his prostate a few times she sat down on him fucking terrpr from the front while ferror husband fucked him from behind they terrror this forcing an orgasm again and again always knowing where to touch to get Harry to cum. When they were finished the gauzy hangings returned and they left Harry there gasping and panting for breath. Lucius turned back at the door. When he felt he could stand again he explored the room and found teror pants and put them and his shirt back on. He left the room determined not to waste any more time. He went to the next room and found Voldemort again.

He turned around and the door slammed he tried to open it and it wouldn't budge. Let me explain something to you this mansion has bedrooms plus over rooms of various other functions. You have explored just about 6 of those rooms. Even if you get up and run to the next room after we are finished with you, you do not have time to explore all the rooms. And as a majority of the rooms hold nothing in them except a death eater or so. You do not have TIME to find what you are looking for. You would have if you had not slept so much but time is wasting. He went to a cabinet pulled out a gag and several other things he attached the gag to Harry's mouth and then shoved a rather large dildo up his arse.

The gag had a hole in it and he poured a potion down Harry's throat. Harry felt some strange changes. You are a girl for the next 2 hours. Now I get to pop your cherry again. You will be a lustful wreck for the next 4 hours wanton and begging for cock. Dropping Harry to the floor. Harry looked down at herself and poked a breast and moaned in pleasure then she looked further down at her new pussy touched it and then started trying to get off. Please I want you big hard cock fucking my virgin pussy. Till she came again and again.

I od want to cross over. Janet is troubled by unusual occurrences in her house. I am a total mess. My spirit is broken. My mind is broken. Life has been so overwhelming. I cannot seem to get a grip. Let me help you. I have been hearing and seeing things in this house. No one else seems to understand. Nadine and Natasha do not see, hear, and feel the same things that I do. Perhaps an evil energy resides among it. It's draining my spirit, my mind, and my soul. That's why I went to see Dr. Whitehead have to say about your hallucinations? This is book 1 of a series.