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New offences These cases suggest that the creation of a new spectrum of offences is both likely and increasingly necessary. Should the fact that 2D has now moved to 3D make the offence more serious because sex dolls and robots could increase the possibility of incitement to harm due to their added realism?

Dolls 3d Sex

More broadly, the fact that such items are available for import suggests that international-level action as well as domestic legislation is necessary for more effective child protection. Other voices challenge this view. What if the object had crossed the border undetected? Section 42 of the Customs Consolidation Act prohibits the importation of: Accordingly, we need to consider where offences like advertising, dissemination, creation and possession of sex dolls and robots would fit into the child protection framework. The National Crime Agency NCA has warned that child-like sex dolls are being sold on the internet and campaigners have urged the government to outlaw the trade.

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It was also argued that such 3e could have the opposite effect of reinforcing, rather than suppressing problematic desires. The Chester conviction supports the presumption that the object ought to be criminalised, yet there is no consensus on whether child sex robots and dolls ought to be criminalised in the first place. The existing offence prohibiting non-photographic, pornographic images of children — created by the Coroners and Justice Act — was designed to catch fabricated images such as computer-generated or cartoon pictures. How to deal with such dolls and their robot counterparts is a novel question for the law. But we might have to consider whether an entirely new set of offences would better cover this unusual issue.

What defences might be applicable? In Junean attempt to import a sex doll resembling a child was successfully prosecuted at Chester D3 Court. It is feasible that, given the drop in the cost of technology, such as 3D printers, and the emergence of sex-robot programming apps, such items could soon be created domestically, without the need for importation. Messenger Sex robots appear to be the next big thing for the adult entertainment industry.