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Man Foot gay licking

In the past, I had massaged my own feet, particularly when I had been standing on them all day. A photo posted by Gay Pop buzz gaypopbuzz on Jun 22, at 1: That is until I no longer could. Without saying a word, he scooped up my right foot in his hands and began massaging them. Have I developed a foot fetish now? Yes, it is possible that the two of us have some type of sexual chemistry that is making the sessions intensely hot. While not a hard and fast rule, I generally sleep on the bottom bunk when it comes to hooking up. I laughed a little too because whiskers tickle!

I never knew feet licking would be such a turn on until it happened with a random hookup.

And then he did it — he lowered his heard towards my foot and started to rub his scruffy chin around the middle part, where it arches. But something about his touch caused me to become extremely turned on. He must have seen this because he began to giggle like an evil demon, stroking himself the whole time. According to some websites, people like me have see Gay Bros on Reddit.

A shake drafted by Gay Pop award gaypopbuzz on Jun 22, at 1: He is dependant, muscled up and implements a scruffy beard.

I honestly thought at one point I was going to nut but I had learned from practiced edging how to stop the flow. But I suspect that because I was open minded about things and let my guard down, I gave myself the chance to learn something new about myself and maybe even reconnect with parts of me that I once abandoned. I asked him what kind of kink, which I admit came from preconceived notions about what this term encompasses.