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You really like me! In fact, the Mature Cycle takes the longest of any Soul Age to move through for almost everyone. Much of what can be said about Mature souls is what would be said about people in middle age. They are at the peak of their lives: That is, they have subconscious access to depths of experience not present in younger souls. They constantly evaluate whether their life goals are being achieved, and what they would do differently if they could start again. Matures have a strong tendency to be introspective. This incessant self-evaluation can lead to psychological difficulties.

They are in the "mid-life crisis", so to speak, of the Maturation scale. These souls seek to comprehend everything and there is very little that escapes their scrutiny. One place for Mature souls to seek out knowledge is in such places as libraries and colleges. Mature souls are great believers in education. They go to school for different reasons than Young souls do. Young souls get educated to further their careers. Most Mature souls, on the other hand, seek knowledge for its own sake. They truly want to understand. They often pursue knowledge on their own, reading widely or taking night-school classes on whatever subject is of interest to them. They often do this rather than seeking a formal degree.

The courses that Mature souls take are less likely to further their occupations and more likely to be for personal improvement. Mature souls care more about what they are learning than about the grades they make or how it can further their status or financial goals.

Mature souls are in a searching mode all their lives. Personal fulfillment is their constant quest and they never quite achieve it to their own satisfaction. Mature souls are complex — the most complex of the entire cycle. There is so much going on in their psyches vx people cannot fathom it and even they themselves do not Old soul vs mature solu understand what is going on. You must find a way to connect with other like-minded eoul in order to accomplish your life task this time around. As you reestablish soul connections with those known before, you will come to find an internal strength growing within you, Olx cannot be undone.

As this continues, you will find your belief and confidence in yourself improving, which will directly aid you in confronting and dealing effectively with those now perceived difficulties in your way. It is a sign of your own becoming in your life where you finally begin to experience with more regularity, the unfolding process of your own life. It is an unfolding Olr in which the life only continues to get better with each passing day. In other words, the worst part of your life is over, and that is something to rejoice in… Enjoy the changes coming soul your life Olld, Charles P.

In other words, it is very good work spiritually to experience as fully as possible what pleasurable and enjoyable experiences are actually like as they are being experienced in the life. For example, what does the warm water feel like on your skin when showering or cool water when you are overheated. What does it feel like to sit down and relax when you are very tired? What does it feel like when you are very tired, and you lay down to sleep? What does the wind and sun feel like across your face on a pleasurable day?

For some Priest souls, always looking for a higher ideal to serve, this can lead them to idealise the higher truth which they find in reason. The Priest, being a Priest, is then compelled to evangelise about the rejection of religion in favour of science and philosophy. They tend to have a very warm gleam in the eye. Many of the great, highly adept spiritual teachers and gurus are late-stage Old Priests. Rather than seeking to impose one way or one vision, their general thrust is to enable others to rise above whatever it is that has kept them from living a better life. They become catalysts of positive change.

A gallery of Priests. Mature souls are psychologically attuned to other people enough that they empathetically experience other people as they experience themselves. This is not true of people in the younger ages. As a result of this intuitive perception, Mature souls are touchy about who they deal with. They are easily upset by the "vibrations" of people that they are not in harmony with. If there are uncomfortable feelings with another, they will likely leave if they do not feel some obligation to stay. Mature souls need a sanctuary wherein to shield themselves in times of psychological stress. It might be a place that they withdraw to, or to the companionship and comfort of an intimate friend.

Mature souls are very relationship-oriented and they seek the camaraderie of like-minded companions. In contrast to Young souls who tend to regard their career as paramount, Mature souls often value their relationships as the most important thing in their lives. They build their lives around social contacts and friends who have similar interests. Family members, in the sense of blood relatives, which are very important to the three younger soul Ages, are not as important to Mature souls as good companions are. Mature souls seek mates not for status as Young souls often do, but for love.

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It is unusual for a person younger than Mature to experience true love for the mate. Mature souls want someone to whom they can relate meaningfully, rather than just someone to fulfill the stereotypical role of a mate ordained by Young-soul society. A good place for Mature souls to meet others for companionship or mating is in school or at the library. Second choice would be informal and loosely organized singles groups where they can get to know others as friends before they become lovers. The bar scene does not appeal to them.

Mature souls want to mate for life.

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Mature souls have a highly developed sense of humor and they laugh easily. The type of humor they prefer matrue "situation comedy" involving social relationships. They like to tease and joke with their friends. Their teasing is rarely hostile or denigrating like it can be with Young souls. The type of movies they prefer are the award-winners with depth, meaning, and originality, usually produced by Mature souls — not the shallow, action or adventure type produced by Young souls.

An old soul has a higher vibration and Old soul vs mature solu more consciously aware of their connection with the Divine. As the spirit works through life lessons, fulfills promises and soul contracts, and evolves, the true nature of the universe and life become clearer and ever present. As teenagers, the old soul may rebel, having difficulty conforming to the rules of those in authority. In adulthood, they continue to live a luminal existence and are sometimes thought of as strange or eccentric. The Hermit from the Tarot comes to mind, as the old soul, the Hermit lives a life somewhat isolated and walks a path alone, but this is by choice. Old souls are powerful spiritual teachers and seem to have a way of tapping into their intuitive nature better than anyone else.

They readily share their quips of wisdom, sudden insights, and epiphanies with those willing to listen. The Transcendental Soul Transcendental souls are those highly advanced and awakened souls who have returned to the planet with a mission to accelerate ascension and enlightenment. The transcendental soul has mastered the path of awakening and lives in an enlightened and fully conscious state of oneness. Due to the harsh climate of Earth, they may slip out of their fully awakened state occasionally… But not for long, and they return to a clear, centered, balanced, and aware state where they can access all dimensions of experience and layers of reality. Their mission is service, and through their presence and teachings they shine light upon the power of oneness, love, and the awakening of all.

The Infinite Soul The level of the infinite soul is the last incarnation as a physical being for a soul before uniting fully with the greater field of the entire universe, the oneness of creation and All That Is. Infinite souls are the full manifestation of the All That Is in the physical… Their message and teaching through example is simply love. These souls have nothing to do in the physical incarnation. They are here to pave the pathway of awakening for all by simply being the full embodiment of All That Is.