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Your anyway constructed, six-paragraph ways sez completely wasted on me. I cannot describe the gravel I bach for myself. My cupcake is the prospect definition of a Dom but none of that 50 Years of Grey diary.

Do you know anything about the girls you watch personally? The woman who pretty much started it all, Linda Lovelace, died while girlx to get her films taken off the shelves. The courts agreed that she was a victim and what was depicted was extreme sexual violence…but to take it off the shelves was considered an infringement of freedom of speech. Fred April 11th, at 4: Equating all porn with male violence and men in general with violent misogyny, calling for the sisters to unite, say no to men and start female-only communities girks priceless!

Thanks, mancheeze, you made me laugh. Virs this gem of a logical argument: Great piece of objective analysis. Several girlss ago, I used to fritter away a lot of my leisure time, my sleeping time, my exercise time, my eating time, etc. So I turned to porn and it satiated my primitive urges… before sucking me in to the point I was often spending several hours and sometimes entire nights abusing myself in front of my laptop. I was not proud of myself and I always felt disgusted afterwards. I cannot describe the contempt I felt for myself. Still, I did not blame porn for my failings. So I finally went cold turkey and replaced that addiction with something else not drugswhich costs me much more money but has me in a much happier place with myself.

I do still watch porn, but quite rarely and do not do so for very long at all — it has well and truly lost its hold over me. As for violence, while I occasionally found some BDSM roleplays with submissive women arousing, I am simply not turned on by porn including the choking, slapping and degradation of women that have been mentioned by others here. I do not believe that all or most men enjoy violent porn, though obviously there will be a substantial number who do. Just as there are a substantial number of women who hurt men in a non-physical but still very real way.

The point of this sob story is that a lot of porn, like many other things in society, has its place but is open to abuse.

It was fun though. Steady, for cumming anywhere else.

Porn which involves trafficked or otherwise coerced women or blatant violence against women is, of course, evil and not to be condoned. My view is that it should be treated in the same uncompromising way as child porn. But a blanket ban on all porn is not the answer and is simply unrealistic anytime soon. No matter how vide the radfem propaganda machine bleats. In vies ideal world, all the radfems viids violent misogynists would be exiled to their respective islands — Dehraded perhaps the same one, now that would make for an engrossing reality TV show — and leave the majority of us to get on with our lives.

With Degraded girls sex vids without porn as we choose. Hannah April 15th, at 3: It reminds me of that Emily Nausbaum article. Hearing how many men hate that show has actually made me want to watch it. Even though I used to think I hated it. Men are a Goddamned disease. RadFemJo April 22nd, at 2: Because women wanting to be free from constant sexualisation, objectification and threat of harm is just as bad as men who think they should be able to do what they like, whenever they like to women including raping and killing us. I especially like the way you started out by insulting all feminists and ridiculing the things we experience, talk about and believe.

And how you blame women for your porn addiction. There are millions of men like you, and you make life very difficult for women who want to be treated like actual human beings. Your carefully constructed, nine-paragraph argument is completely wasted on me. Lisi April 23rd, at 3: All the evidence from expert witnesses showed that, yes, it did. All the studies proved that violence and sex that we see desensitises us, especially the growing brain, and in turn makes people more prone to violence and deviant behavior. Because most of the committee members were civil libertarians, the committee found that there should be no banning of violent sexual videos.

So now, 30 years later, we are seeing the effects of allowing this kind of material out in the public. We have to start stopping it somehow, and articles such as this are a good way forward. Ultimately the government has to put in place legislation calling for the ban of all violent videos, for our children and for our women. I married in my late 20s, after enjoying several partners.

After my divorce in my 30s, I noticed a definite difference in the men I was dating — those who had been ssex of long-term relationships and who had started using porn to fill that space had very different ideas Debraded sexuality: The men were all pretty Degrades in terms of education and background, the big difference was porn use. I am relieved that my current partner is only recently out of a long term relationship, does not appear to ever have watched porn and we can enjoy our time together without me ending up with bruises and hurt feelings … Saoirse April 25th, at 9: There is no way a man could treat me in the ways described because frankly I would knock him out.

What are women doing sharing their bodies with men who obviously have not an ounce of respect for them?? Where is their self respect? Where is their self esteem? I have raised sons who have the same abhorrence for porn that I have, and who love and respect women. Women need to educate their daughters and show them that we do not have to become victims and that we are not objects for the use of men. Pornography is a vile industry and the abused girls who end up working in it need help and rescue. Eden April 25th, at 2: Nothing is more manly than standing up for and protecting the vulnerable.

Aria April 25th, at 4: On one occasion I was there chatting with a couple of girlfriends, one was slightly older 26 and the other younger than both of us Somehow the topic of anal sex came up. I said pretty much the same. The 18 yo had tried it, with three different guys. There are partial points made here that I agree with.

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Sexual violence against women and rape culture are horrible things that feminism is trying to fight against. He used to make me beg for his dick and when he decided I was worthy of it he would rub the tip of his penis against my lips and slap it against my face, finally letting me taste it after awhile. It was so fucked up but also really hot. We would play games like that for a few months til he found another undergrad to boss around. I still think about him from time to time. Maybe too into it.

When we would go out he would tell me about girls he thought were attractive and I would tell him what I wanted him to do to them. Eventually though, he started telling me about why those girls were better than me — physically, sexually, etc. He Degraded girls sex vids go over and talk to them, flirt with them, sometimes exchange numbers. Then he would come back and tell me about it. Eventually though, it got to be too much and I had to break up with him. Great sex but not a healthy relationship. Being on the end of a bukkake.

That was seriously one of the most sexually exciting times of my life. I could never ever tell my now boyfriend about it. She was smoking hot for being in her 50s. She was one of those high society types — very well known in her community, donated a lot of local charities, was always in the newspapers for doing something. Anyway, when we would have sex she would tell me what a piece of shit I was and how I was lucky to be having sex with someone as prominent as her. I used to be a huge man whore in college. I was experimenting sexually and would fuck anything that came along.

The frat guys learned about this and they would take turns making me suck their dicks. Ugh, it was a shameful time but I actually got off on being used. I let my girlfriend have sex with other guys in front of me at parties or wherever. I hated it and also loved it at the same time. I was with a guy for 8 months when we decided to experiment more in the bedroom.