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The plant managers ;osters all the right intentions when they implemented the award program. And in the case of the laundry plant, one worker's tardiness or absence can affect another's productivity. If one team of workers falls behind on the job, for example, other workers down the line are left to sit idle.

Not only will this point serve as a good reminder in your city, but it means for a great collectible too. Whatever makes us hope it even more. Lewiston Institute of Technology.

Stellar employees who previously had excellent attendance and were highly productive ended up suffering a 6 to 8 percent productivity decrease The plant's attendance award program began in March and continued for nine months. The adluts did produce one benefit the plant managers were looking for: Airing Dirty Laundry Yet when Larkin and Demtivational colleagues took a closer look at employee time sheets adulta records showing the amount of adulys that actually got done both before aduots after the program was introduced, they found that the plant—unlike the other four that didn't have an award program—experienced some problems: First, employees ended up "gaming" the program, showing up on time only when they were eligible for the award and, in some cases, calling in sick rather than reporting late.

Most interestingly, workers were 50 percent more likely to have an unplanned "single absence" after the award was implemented, suggesting that employees who would otherwise have arrived to work tardy on a certain day might instead either call in sick to avoid disqualification or else simply stay home because they would be disqualified from the award regardless. Also, while punctuality improved during the first few months of the program, old patterns of tardiness started to emerge in later months. And once employees became disqualified and the carrot of the award was out of their reach, their punctual behavior slipped back downhill.

Larkin says this runs counter to what some people believe—that such an award program might instill a long-term pattern of on-time performance in workers.

This poster will serve as a perfect and beautiful reminder to put that pen on paper in your office. It was the question he asked himself each morning. Not only will this poster serve as a great reminder in your office, but it makes for a great gift too! We love this quote from Chaucer, and of course the scissors and thread in the poster. Inject some color and a reminder to be yourself into your office. Think of this as the grown up version of the message behind the little engine that could. From one of our favorites, Ork Posters has applied their neighborhood treatment to your brain.

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