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It's my vice and I love it. That's highly refreshing for this genre. Drawn out tension makes the plot so much thicker and more enjoyable. It's been done before. There is tension between them as well.

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Coco All the men fall instantly into love with the female victim LEAD and cannot keep their hands off of her. It is such a Goldilocks scenario where they can be too hard or too soft but this book is just right. It was fast paced and it all made sense in the end which is shockingly absent in reverse harem style books. I've gotten a little sick of the macho assholes being all dominant with the small meek girl.

Kit Davenport was adopted from a rather sketchy foster home when she was 13 by a Daddy Warbucks type character who doesn't have many fatherly inclinations but sends her to a nice school and gives her everything that she could ever possibly want and does not perform highly choreographed dance numbers in his mansion in a nice suit with her. I'm down with the story line and it is something that I would be interested in finishing at some point. These guys had a range of talents and personalities which was refreshing. It's a slow burn as opposed to what I have started calling the "Bottle Rocket Chemistry" where it all just goes up very quickly but isn't very thrilling in the long run.