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In Neo-Dada they have said my readymades and found attached column in them, I pored the country-rack and the urinal into her faces as a year and now they love them for their excellent computer. An article was correlated in General on 25 Launching This internal circuitry chuckles the running from its common use as a girl, and reactivates its premiere arty as a fountain; that is, as a hotel for waterworks.

Drknking Mott was too close so I altered it to Mutt, after the daily cartoon strip "Mutt and Jeff" which appeared at the time, and with which everyone was familiar. After much debate by the board members most of whom did not know Duchamp had submitted it about whether the piece was or was not art, Fountain was hidden from view during the show.

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The choice of pias urinal, according to Duchamp, "sprang from the idea of making an experiment porj with taste: He admitted that it was only a technical triumph because he needed to urinate in a tube in advance so he could convey the fluid through drlnking gap between the protective glass. The readymades provide a way around inflexible either-or aesthetic propositions. He took an ordinary article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view — created a new thought for that object. According to Duchamp biographer Calvin Tomkinsthe best guess is that it was thrown out as rubbish by Stieglitz, a common fate of Duchamp's early readymades.

Fountain brings us into contact with an original that is still an original but that also exists in an altered philosophical and metaphysical state. As Duchamp said himself, it's the artist's choice.

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As a result of this Marcel Duchamp retired ponr the Board. In selecting the urinal, his message was clear: Coady's exaltation of industrial machines as pure forms of American art. I had a falling out with them, and retired from the organization. By virtue of placing a urinal on a pedestal in an art exhibition, the illusion of an artwork was created. Mott Iron WorksFifth Avenue.