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Kick-Ass 2 TV Movie Trailer

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A man says to a teen boy, "Initiation. Turn around and I'll unzip you; just joking! A mean girl tells a new high school student that she should make a sex tape; the girl just stares.

A puffy nae hero tanks a serious bra that women a lot of time and her important abdomen along with real-fitting tights. Marvels are always named "The Motherfr," and "Guitar Speaker.

qss A woman stops aas police cruisers in a row, killing all 10 police officers inside; she tosses them through shattering windshield, shoots them, breaks necks, and beats them with a metal bar. A teen boy super hero fights two thugs in a street: A teen boy is kidnapped by five gangsters and a fight ensues in a flower van as a teen girl R 560 ass 2 on the roof with a handgun; men are thrown off the van roof and out the van's back door, crashing through car windshields on a highway while gunfire goes through the roof the girl rolls off 650 hangs onto the van doorand a man is dragged a short distance; the driver shoots at the girl and misses, she takes his gun away and makes him pull over and then calls the police to come get the driver and we see the teen boy's face and white shirt covered with blood spatter.

A male teen villain wearing a black patent leather jacket and pants, chains and feathers points a gun at a convenience store clerk, makes an old man lie on the floor, and shoots out the street door, but the recoil hits him in the face and he screams; then he shoots out all of the glass doors of a wall full of beer coolers and beer gushes onto the floor. A teen girl slaps her boyfriend in the face for talking to another girl. Another teen girl slaps another teen boy in the face during an argument. A teen girl imagines herself fighting three ninjas and knocking out all three. A teen boy in a boxing ring is beaten and his face left very bloody by a man in his 30s. A teen boy and a teen girl exercise and practice karate punches and takedowns in a weapons room also used for a gym; the boy's face becomes reddened and bruised before he begins to practice punching on a heavy bag rifles and handguns line the walls.

560 ass 2 R

A man is shown in a hospital bed, bandaged from head to toe in bloody gauze and shouting that he cannot reach his water glass. A mother that becomes a super hero uses a brick in her purse to make a weapon and she pounds it loudly on a table to show it is strong. A man in a business suit on a sidewalk chases a purse-snatcher, running off screen. Parents and children argue loudly several times, as do teen boys with their teen girlfriends. Snobbish girls belittle and threaten other girls in high school. We hear that a female villain killed and ate her cellmate in prison.

A teen girl tells a friend that she killed seven criminals with a police officer's handgun and then leaves the city on a loud motorcycle to start a new life alone. A teen girl is forced to put a dollar for every swear word she says into a "swear jar"; she fills it up, then fills a large coffee mug with dollars as well and later a hero's group leader tells them to stop cursing because it makes them similar to the villains. A year-old girl says she can kill a man. We hear a teen boy shout several times that he wants to kill another male teenager.

She exhibits questionable behavior throughout the film, such as skipping school and shooting and killing some of the bad guys. But when she's forced to go back to school, she stands up to some cruel bullies in a way that, while not particularly admirable, is at least satisfying. For teen girls, the example she sets -- that you don't have to fit in, that you can just be who you really are -- is worth noting, even if she's not exactly role model material. Violence The frequent, pervasive violence is of the over-the-top, fantasy, comic-book fighting variety, but it gets pretty brutal with loud punching, pummeling, and falling and does include gore -- such as spurting blood from heads, stomachs, and feet.

Minor characters are brutally run over and destroyed by speeding cars. Characters are stabbed to death with pool cues and bits of broken glass, as well as shot and killed and decapitated. A character is fried inside a tanning booth. A character is devoured by a shark, with clouds of blood in the water.

A man is strangled, and a gory photograph of the body is shown. Women are beaten up. Someone's testicles are chewed by a dog. Teen girls are shown violently vomiting and with diarrhea. Sex Hit Girl, now 15, becomes interested in sex for the first time. Watching a boy band video with three other girls, the movie hints that she becomes aroused for the first time though she doesn't seem to know what just happened. She has the same reaction when she sees the shirtless now ripped Kick-Ass. Two topless women are shown in one scene and are said to be prostitutes.

Kick-Ass kisses and has sex with a girl superhero in a bathroom stall; feet and the tops of heads are all that's visible. Auditioning for the cheer squad, a teen girl does a sexy "pole dance"-type routine.