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Ornate gold helmet from Staffordshire hoard recreated

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Steve Chalke is a Christian leader from the United Kingdom.

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Some Roman women also used people of lower status for their own sexual pleasure, Chalke said. The helmet was found in more than 30 pieces, but has been restored and cleaned for sale by Christie's. The bronze helmet, which was originally tinned so it would have shone like silver, is modelled as the head of a handsome young man with curly hair, wearing a Phrygian cap - later adopted as the symbol of many revolutionary movements - topped with a griffin. Paul Barford, a British archaeologist working in Warsaw, Poland, is a bitter critic of the PAS scheme, believing that it encourages rather than controls treasure hunting.

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There are six passages in the Bible that refer to same-sex behavior in some way. The helmet will be offered hhelmet Christie's antiquities sale sexx 7 October. Much of the artwork recovered from Pompeii and other nearby towns affected by the eruption is sexually explicit. The finder, who is from the north-east and in his early 20s, has been detecting with his father for several years. Another passage that conservative Christians sometimes refer to is Matthew 19, where Jesus speaks about divorce. He writes on his blog: The minister claims it was normal and even expected for Roman men to have sexual playthings apart from their wives.

If Tullie House is outbid, as seems inevitable, export of the helmet is likely to Romam temporarily barred by the government to give a Jelmet museum the chance to match an overseas buyer's bid. Christie's A stunning Roman cavalry helmet, made to awe the spectators in a procession of wealth and power rather than for practical use in combat, has been found by a metal detector user near the village of Crosby Garrett in Cumbria. This is the world in which the New Testament was written.