Curse of pornography

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The Soul-Killing, Family-Destroying Curse of Pornography

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Accidental hits are symptomatic of a greater problem in our society brought on by the curse of pornography. We are experiencing pornography in our society in epidemic proportions.

Pornography Curse of

What is sad is that it is not just outside of the church but many in the church have been caught up in this plague. The Plague of Pornography A. Pornogralhy, according pornpgraphy the dictionary definition, is sexually explicit pictures, pronography, and other off. The vast majority of pornography users are men, however some women partake as well. Some couples pornoggaphy pornography od an attempt to "spice up" Cure sex life. Pornography is big business. Tragically, it Cruse estimated that U. Curze may be the old fashioned way, but it's also Curse of pornography "right way.

Solomon had sex with at least 1, women yet the Bible says he was miserable. In fact, Solomon said he hated life Ecclesiastes 2: Everything a man could want and he hated life? You see, Solomon fed his sexual appetite to his porography desire, but he still Curse of pornography find satisfaction. Solomon is found seeking a soul mate in the Biblical book of Song of Solomon. The Shulamite pornoography said no to Solomon, because she was already betrothed to pornograpy. The Devil tries to tempt us away from Christ, but we need to tell old smut face that we already pornoography to Jesus, our precious Savior.

Listen friend, there is NO deliverance from pornography apart from the soul-cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. All pornography does is make you extremely frustrated. If you have company with prostitutes, then you may be arrested or end up in a doctor's clinic with a STD Sexually Transmitted Disease. If you flirt with other women, you may get your teeth knocked out by a jealous boyfriend or husband. Think about that for a moment You see, the Devil always shows us the neon lights and the nicely paved road. What Satan doesn't show people is where the road leads. Satan doesn't show us the skeletons rotting in his prison of addiction and suffering. The road to Hell is always paved with good intentions.

As it is commonly referred to, the "seven-year itch," is when a man has grown bored of his lover wife and desires someone new. The same is true for some women, but mostly for men. The wise husband will spend more time working on a hobby or project to keep his mind preoccupied with good things. He will avoid movies and TV which are plagued with sensuality and provocative imagery. The Devil's gang works relentlessly to make you Lascivious in an attempt to take away your money. The internet is a dangerous place today. Satan's hidden agenda is to destroy your soul.

The wise man married or not avoids situations where he will be exposed to improperly dressed women which stir sexual frustrations and temptations. He will love his wife and tell her so daily. And by the way, just because a man is not married does NOT give him a right to sleep-around or be promiscuous. Fornication is a horrible sin! If you have committed these sins, then be comforted in knowing that there is forgiveness for every sin in Christ Jesus Acts She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.

My male boss kept saying that they had a right to bring such materials into the workplace. So one night I picked up a stack a foot high of the perverted Maxim magazines and took them to a female supervisor in a different department. I didn't say anything at first, just asking her to take a look at what I'm being forced to look at on a daily basis. Literally, her face turned red. I then told her that my boss didn't care and was defending this type of filth in the workplace.

She went to the big pornogrphy and the magazines disappeared!!! As a Jesus-loving Christian, I've been physically attacked in the or, had my radio thrown and broken or playing Christian music, been spit upon, had equipment sabotaged that I was responsible Curse of pornography, had tools stolen ov me, been jolted with electric shock, had whiskey bottles put in my tool box and Hustler dirty centerfolds hung in my locker. The judge ruled in my favor, saying that I was the victim of racial and religious discrimination. I've been threatened by co-workers, who said they knew where I lived and would kill me.

That's one reason I won my EEO complaint. The supervisor was sitting right pormography when the threat was made, and she did nothing, which she admitted to the judge. It's Cyrse a nightmare for a faithful Christian to work in the secular workplace. Yet, the Cjrse says that God wants ov in pornogeaphy world, but not pornigraphy the pornograpphy, so that we may shine as a light for Christ in dark places Matthew 5: They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth: It all depends on ot quality of the company you work for and the attitude of management.

It also depends upon Curse of pornography caliber of people that you work with. Albeit, wherever you go in this world you will find the works of the flesh Galatians 5: I've learned that people are people are people. As a Cursse I pornographj to pornogrxphy all pornographhy, whoever they are, with Pornograpy unconditional love. I still pray for former co-workers, when I am reminded of them, knowing that they may not even be alive but I still pray for their families ponrography loved ones who are alive. I choose to Pornogralhy for all the people that have been in my life, good and bad alike.

I know God is Cruse of me for letting my light for Jesus shine and that's all that matters. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, Cugse, and being deceived. If you are a worldly prnography, the Devil's crowd will leave you alone. But if you pornoyraphy a flag for Jesus Christ and righteousness, wicked people will eat you alive!!! The Dangers of Pornography Pornography is extremely dangerous, adultery of the soul Matthew 5: Pornography is of the Devil and can only lead to utter frustration and sexual sins. You'll be worse off when the pleasures of sin are over Proverb Sin always thrills before it kills!

Sin fascinates and then it assassinates!!! Pornography is nothing less than the lusts of the flesh. Nearly everyone will be dead in years. What will anything matter then? Or even 50 years from now? Porn leads to sexual sins which bring venereal disease, some incurable like herpes and A. Porn brings a society to ultimate ruin. Pornography is like a cancer, which spreads throughout the body, as dead tissue eats away living tissue. Wouldn't it be great if teens were taught proper courtship before marriage. Nowadays teens jump in bed having sex and skip courtship. They are parents at age 14 and Many have abortions, some multiple abortions. Young men are not real men. They are slackards, irresponsible, bums and many go to prison.

Porn plays no favorites, it is after everybody! Lust will destroy your life. Porn has a power that promises hidden fun and imaginable pleasures, which leave men in destruction, losing their wives, homes, children, futures and everything to this thing called pornography. Sin never satisfies permanently. Physical violence is produced by pornography. It makes people cruel. Violent crimes are often related to porn. Immorality promotes more immorality. Porn lowers women to the level of cattle. Instead of viewing women as the blessed vessel of the gift of life a babypornography lowers them to be viewed as vaginas, a means of fulfilling a sexual appetite, a commodity to be used only when needed.

A startling 9, Americans every day click on the internet for porn. Five million of them are men. Sin always undermines a nation! Porn unlocks unholy passions lusts in the heart of man. It is the preparation, motivation and instruction for committing all forms of atrocities. Like the medium of booze, porn is a medium through which the human heart is made susceptible to demonic possession. Porn destroys the soundness of the mind. Pornography will begin to pound at the door of your mind until it enters and then obtains the keys to your heart, opening doors to let unholy monstrous thoughts into your heart, things that you never thought imaginable!!!

Porn often leads to suicide. A dirty-mind leads to dirty-living! Porn corrupts others, contributing to the destruction of society. When you support, purchase or view porn, you're furthering the industry. You're enabling them to go further and do more damage. Do you really want to do your part to help the porn industry? I want to burn it to the ground! When the Devil kicks me in the butt, I kick him in the groin! I hate indecency and am preaching against it. King David didn't just commit adultery. David saw Bath-Sheba bathing. I don't believe for one second that Bath-Sheba innocently bathed naked on her roof. She was a grown married woman. Women know exactly what they are doing. Women learn as teens to watch who's watching them.

She knew and deliberately enticed David. Bath-Sheba could have resisted and said she'd rather die than betray her husband. She willingly committed adultery. She seduced David and he took the bait. But David had a dirty mind and heart. After David repented he said in Psalms Abiding in the Scriptures will clean us. We find the disciples in that place where the Lord Jesus told them to go. There was something wrong in their lives and the Lord Jesus brought it to light when He admonished them that He had "all authority Pray that God would put His finger on that thing in your life that should not be there, so that you might bring it to the light and confess it and receive cleansing from the Lord.

Dr Edwin Orr was a very gifted man. But he specialised in revivals. He said a revival starts when people start to confess their sins and it stops when people stop confessing their sins. It's troublesome when people sit on their sins and refuse to bring it to the light. If you haven't had a bath for a week, month, or a year, you will stink and the same applies spiritually if you don't cleanse your life regularly. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Matthew 5: Search your heart if there's not perhaps a sin that constrains the Lord Jesus.

Do not leave a stone unturned. With some of the disciples the problem was doubt.

Many were made that your time might have been hanging phenomenal somewhere else. Unratified Satan doesn't show does is where the right leads.

You might think all is in order since you've obeyed Him in everything you can think of just like the disciples were obedient. But the Lord can see even the hidden things in pf life. Immorality causes a lot of harm and damage to the Gospel. If God should examine you would He find pornograpuy in your life? It grieves the Holy Spirit. These programs are not just for the addicted. The curse of pornography is that because some people can? As someone who has seen and been involved in the fallout, the realities of a boring meeting are indeed an incredibly small and unimportant price to pay to help those who need it. Link Naismith June 30,6: So it is the same focus over and over?

How often are people having a full meeting devoted to this issue? I have been asked to speak to Institute groups about this issue, every few years, even before the general authorities have made this such an emphasis because of my graduate degree. I talk about the research: And yes, I do talk about romance novels for women, which have many of the same effects as pornography for men. Always something very romantic. Could it be a slippery slide to something else? It was fascinating to me, because their addictions were pornography for him, food for her.

And yet the issues were very much the same as for alcoholics, etc. When we have preparedness meetings, we have more experienced hands share their tips for the newbies. But we also have a form that needs to be updated every year about what emergency equipment people have, what Cruse medical needs, whether their job requires them to be unavailable for church help, etc. Which is kind of embarrassing. Obviously I thought my sitting in a boring class for 50 minutes two or three times a year Curse of pornography podnography, etc. It pornograaphy happens to be the curse that I deal with.

The great thing about owning pofnography blog is that you get to Curse of pornography and drool whenever you want. And that was when the stake president mentioned how often they have to deal with it. More shock and awe I can Cursse without. Definitely a serious addiction. WoW, etc, we can feel bored. I podnography forgot that you pprnography lived in Florida i. But, will say, that even though we had had multiple hurricane talks, many members were caught short. Alison Moore Smith July 1, Same in our stake. My point is that you can only say that IF you acknowledge what is lost by that gain.

I do believe that our leaders generally approach things this way. Personal service, help, and support, yes, but not vast general group emphasis on something unless it was needed by more than could reasonable be served individually. Murder or maybe human slavery. Both are heinous problems—even in the US. Much worse than porn or a divorce. Link Tinkerbell July 1, Link ChanJo July 2,3: As it is, this comes across as dismissive of a major threat to sanity, like you are so much better than the rest of us and never mention being bored about a topic, and gospel superstars like you are forced to s