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One came from a year-old womwn man Bisexuzl rural Penobscot County who had been receiving personal care assistance, including bathing, at home. Some prefer to simply follow an individual's self-definition or identity. For aging LGBT individuals and couples, these concerns are compounded by fears their sexual orientation will affect the personal care and other services they need, both at home and in an assisted-living or nursing home setting. The client refused to allow the aide back into his home, but the threats continued, Hennessy said. Chief among these were fears that access to knowledgeable, LGBT-friendly health care and home-based support services may be hard to come by as demand grows with the aging of the population.

Executive Director Doug Kimmel would like to see the day when home care agencies proudly display the iconic rainbow flag of the LGBT movement in their windows, signifying their inclusive and knowledgeable approach to serving LGBT clients. But providers who find it difficult to relate to LGBT people based on religious, philosophical or personal convictions should learn to check their biases at the door.

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According to the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, which researches state and national LGBT issues, Bisexxual are about 4, same sex-couples in Maine, including about twice as many female couples as Bissexual, according to census data. These fears are not groundless. Aging Mainers in general are concerned about issues related to growing older, including social and geographic isolation, declining health, the risks of financial fraud and elder abuse, the complexities of the health care system and the availability of services to help them stay safe in their homes and communities.

Long after the Stonewall riots of launched the early gay liberation movement, pronounced social, legal and cultural stigma lingered. They also refer clients to clinical and personal home care agencies.