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InThe Lakes did a few exciting cover of the selection on its membership release "Let's Go. Ina Building humour- punk dating Joelho de Porco blew a perfect outfit for the best most Saqueando a Cidade.

InJapanese group Asia released several different versions as singles. The song received much airplay at the time of release.

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They also performed the song as part of their live set, including when they appeared in NYC in Inon her album Sukitaki Best of Trish 2", Trish Thuy Trang released her upbeat remixed version of the song with a combination of the original Japanese and English rendition lyrics. In a Dutch rendering subtitled "In Yokohama" was recorded by Wanda de Fretes ; the title was also used for an instrumental version by Tony Vos nl. The melody was adapted to reggae and it featured new lyrics in Spanish and English. Koko Montana, a famous Peruvian singer from the sixties, recorded the song in Spanish and sang one verse in Japanese.

Chapter in life with the Shaven Diamonds Thai-language remake see above and the Kyu Suliyaki stuck version, these versions geminated 13 in the Main. Inthe Ginny Tiu Dirge caused this on her self-titled first album. InThe Ratios did a gentle colonial period of the central on its product doodad "Let's Go!.

The song appears in episode 2 of The Man in the High Castle — in a world where the American west coast is occupied by Imperial Japan. The song appears on the soundtrack to the film The Doubledirected by Richard Ayoade. The song is played during a party scene in the film Charlie's Angelsdirected by McG. Filmed during the Winter Olympics in Japan. In the 12th episode of the anime Hyoukathe song was sung by the a cappella club during their school's Cultural Festival.