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Max Clifford sentenced to eight years for his crimes and contempt of women

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Clifforx Simpson [15] —Clifford claims to have received death threats Cliffford acting as his publicist; [7] Gillian McKeithwhose adverts he believed harmed her image; [17] Ckifford Looswhen she negotiated with the press about her alleged affair with England football captain David Beckham ; [7] and Jade Goodyduring the reality star's cervical cancer and death. During filming, it appeared that Clifford was trying to set up Theroux during a PR stunt in Sainsbury's. It backfired after Clifford was heard lying on his microphone, unaware it was still on.

He claimed that he was approached twice by major football clubs to help make players present a " straight " image. To my knowledge there is only one top-flight professional gay footballer who came out — Justin Fashanu. He ended up committing suicide.

I srx been advising a top premiership star who is bisexual. If it came out that he had gay tendencies, his career would be over in two minutes. No, but if you go on the terraces and hear the way fans are, and also, that kind of general attitude that goes with football, it's almost like going back to the dark ages. Although not instrumental in exposing David Mellor 's affair with Antonia de SanchaClifford's battle in representing de Sancha against the contrived post-spin story of the "family man Mellor" handled by counter PR Tim Bell ultimately derailed Major's ' Back to Basics ' agenda.

Clifford invented the story which claimed Mellor made love in a Chelsea F. The first instance of this was the story of Welsh Assembly leader Ron Davies.

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This derived from claims made on behalf of a much younger woman, who had become involved with Blunkett, over Blunkett's business interests, which were published in The Times. Clifford denied all responsibility. The story was about the affair between Prescott and Temple which took place between and Judge Anthony Clifford sex imposed a sentence more than double than had been expected, partly because of Clifford's attitude during the trial at Southwark crown court, where he was "laughing and shaking his head" in the dock at some of the accusations made against him. The judge said his conduct had made his victims "extremely upset" and as Clifford listened through a hearing loop from the court dock, Leonard concluded: When the judge finished speaking, Clifford removed his hearing loop and turned and smiled at his supporters in the public gallery, most of whom were in tears, before he was led to the court cells and then to Wandsworth prison.

His victims, who were in court with friends and family, comforted each other before being led through to the judge's quarters. The length of the sentence stunned many inside the packed courtroom, with sources close to the trial expecting Clifford to be jailed for between two and three years due to the sentencing guidelines at the time of the offences.

The sentence, of which Clifford, 71, is expected to serve half in prison, seals the fate of a man who had been instrumental in the downfall of a string of public figures through tabloid stories he had sold. Leonard sentenced Clifford to four and a half years in prison for his abuse of one victim alone — a year-old girl who was left traumatised by a long campaign of sexual abuse. She told the trial she wanted to kill herself after being repeatedly sexually abused by Clifford in He would take her for long drives in his yellow Jaguar and wooed her parents with promises to make their daughter the UK version of Jodie Foster, while secretly molesting her and forcing her to perform sex acts on him.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, the woman — who was in court to see Clifford jailed — said he left her relying on counselling and ruined her relationship with her husband and her parents, whom she felt she had deceived by not telling them of the abuse.