Hf amateur amplifiers

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Linear Amp GEMINI HF-1K 472KHz-50MHz Solid State Linear Amplifier

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Drive Power In amatrur to achieve full output power, an input power of approximately 30 to 60 Watts is required. Needless to say that there is ampliifiers a lot of sophisticated electronics present in all Emtron amplifiers and quietly working behind the scenes to protect your amplifier investment! A pressurized forced air cooling was achieved with a rugged temperature controlled 2-speed 72 CFM blower turbine which effectively cools all critical components of the amplifier. The blower is positioned in such a way that it prevents hot air being re-circulated through the system.

Amateur amplifiers Hf

It is virtually impossible to produce a broad distorted splatter signal amsteur a Emtron amplifier. It is an amplifier amplifies gravitas capable of satisfying the serious and most fastidious station operator. It utilizes a ceramic high quality 9-position band switch, separate individual position for each band. This gives a total capacitance in the high voltage section of 58 uF and a conservative voltage rating of volts DC. The protection against excessive screen current is so good, that we have tested the operation with full screen voltage, while the plate voltage was absent, for extended time, without damage to the tube.

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The design deploys two durable FUF tubes improved Chinese mil-version of the 4CXB in parallel, with a total plate dissipation of Watts, comfortably delivering the expected output power and durability. All RF components such as band switch, tank coils, chokes, etc. Only the filament tap on the transformer must be changed from 9 volt to 6 volt, if Eimac tubes are used! Tube Protection The Emtron DX-3SP operating in class AB1 has a very sophisticated tube protection circuitry, designed to protect excessive plate current, screen grid current, screen grid voltage, control grid bias voltage, exciter overdrive, SWR, etc.

This tough power house will handle all the rigour and demands of contest, DX-ing and high duty cycle emissions. A Volt two-phase transformer is also available!!! There are only two cables required to connect the transceiver to the amplifier, the RF and PTT cables. The soft start inrush protection circuit, standard in all Emtron amplifiers is another unique design found in no other amplifier so far.