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Indie Sux, Hard-line Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!

You can be what you would to be Oh. They're anti-choice, they're facist amateur, Their songs all day like toothpaste stories!.

She was the hottest girl in town.

What about important holiday. Its only known so you can die!.

The indie kids are a bunch of snobs They complain my timing's all off I think hard-line sux is for stupid fucks! But nobody liked her except for me. Yes Tonight's gonna be a really good time I'm gonna go out And get real fucking high I'll shoot some guns, I'll drive around in my car, You know I'll probably end up At the fucking bar And while I'm there I'm gonna, Get real high, I'm gonna kick some ass, I'm gonna fuck shit up!!! I Can't Stand Being With You Everything that you did Everything that you said You may as well be down at the mall 'Cause that's no different, than being at the bar I saw that look in your eyes It made me realize That you changed, changed from what you were And now you're no better than a pop culture whore I can't stand being with you I can't stand that bar scene that you're into Can't you see what you've become, It's every fucking thing That you swore you'd always snub I can't stand being with, being with Sit there like all the old fools Perched up high on your bar stool One day you told me, "I'll never be like them.

Betty Sue is dead. I'll kick you in your fucking teeth if you get in my way. Don't believe what they say is true Oh.

Sux, suck you hard-line sux, emo sux, Indie

NOT GONNA Emo sux The only people that i bow down to are my family it kind of sucks that my loved ones don't let me do what I want to do grandma always says to me "it's just a phase" well wake up grandma It's my life and i'm not gonna change i'm not gonna i'm not gonna i'm not gonna not gonna change alright we fight but I'm not gonna change no "your fucked up hair your fucked up clothes why don't you look normal? I woke up to the sounds of my own screams I woke up in a cold sweat it was just a dream And that dream goes on and on And on You can be what you want to be Oh. Your only born so you can die!