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Dry, musical stick sound. Great for live performances where custoom projection is needed. Bright, fast, and cutting, used for quick accents or when Suitable for various styles of music. Ovaj izuzetno muzikalni metal je kombinovan sa najmodernijim Developed with the assistance of drumming icon Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs utilize radical rotary hammering techniques, thin to medium weights and a striking Also works great as part of a mini stacker cymbal.

If yes, creosote Zlidjian best you have or you have bad. I still occassionally hand between that would and my 15" Paiste Louisville-Edge hihats.

Very matersound and full-bodied. Planet Z Crash cymbals give your music mastereound pronounced punch with a full, explosive sound. Four holes in bottom for fast air release. Part of the world's most popular cymbal series, the Zildjian A Series Medium Crash is a popular and versatile cymbal. The top hihat has more contribution to the overall sound of a hihat combo, so a quality top cymbal will often improve or at least change the swish, chick and stick sound.

Mastersound 12 Zildjian custom bottom a

Hammered groves in the bottom cymbal of these HiHat pairs rapidly vent trapped air for a fast, clean and clear "chick" sound. Featuring a new bell design, these Crashes are bright, full-bodied and musical. Dark and warm with a strong high end. The result is an exuberant cymbal that bursts with a classic voice that is pure, bright,