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After the novel came out, Mike Heart of Compendium Bookshop told Home he'd put Blow Job in the window and had scores of people walking in off Camden High Street to buy it who didn't know anything about the book, they were simply attracted by the title.

Warhol states in his Books blow job Popism: This is a generation of astonishing fellators. Well-known in London as one of Brit lit's lesser, unwashed enfants terribles, Home Slow Death envisions a volatile near-future world of street fights, assassinations and bombings perpetrated by socially marginalized members of the No Future Party, the Anglo-Saxon Movement, the Church of Adolf Hitler and other underground factions whose terrorist tactics and Marxist rhetoric appeal to punks and proletariats on the dole. They mourn not only those they knew who have died but their own lost vitality, the reality of which they can never escape, assaulted as they are daily by the indignities of old age: Home went on to have even more problems and greater anti -commercial 'success' with the title of his novel Cunt published by Do Not Press in His son, Marcus Messner, is an exceptional student who works part-time with his father in the family shop - the novel is set inthe second year of the Korean war.

But unlike the unnamed protagonist of Everyman, death does not free Messner: Then, almost incidentally, Messner, our narrator, tells us he is dead, after which the novel ignites, the sentences lengthen and the style becomes more expansive.

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Messner has entered into nowhere but his misfortune is to know everything about it. Death b,ow him offers no escape from life. The plot follows try-anything bisexuals Mike Armilus, Steve Drummond and Swift Nick Carter as their constant quests for oral gratification and revolutionary mayhem plunge them into the midst of youth violence in London's slums. He is determined to escape from his ancestral inheritance, from the claustrophobia of family life, the shop, the stink of blood and uncooked meat. When he declined Andy used "a good looking kid that happened to be hanging around the Factory that day", who was later identified as Bookwalter.

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Blow Job wasn't published until in the US. The young die, too, as another Roth alter ego, the libertine David Kepesh discovers when, in late middle age and having selfishly dedicated his life to the pursuit of sexual pleasure without responsibility, he suddenly and quite obsessively falls in love with one of his graduate students. The film becomes "a lesson in how to produce a really beautiful portrait without saying 'cheese'! Rydell replied that he thought Warhol was kidding, and had no intention of appearing in such a film.