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Two studies, one on mice and another on flies, focused on structures called extracellular vesicles, which form as the cell membrane pinches off from tonguss cell. These vesicles circulate in the body, but their purpose is largely unknown. The studies showed that many vesicles contained a gene called Arc that is implicated in long-term memory formation. It turns out that the Arc protein also forms a capsid and carries the genetic code for itself, all encased in an extracellular vesicle. The study on flies showed that motor neurons nerve cells that signal muscle contraction form vesicles with Arc inside, which traveled to muscle cells.

What the muscle cells do with them is not known, but flies lacking the Arc gene formed fewer connections between motor neurons and muscle cells.

The study in mice showed that neurons that received vesicles produced the Girlw protein when they were stimulated to fire. These observations indicate that vesicles containing Arc have a role in forming connections in the nervous system. Retrovirus-like gag protein Arc1 binds RNA and traffics across synaptic boutons. The neuronal gene Arc encodes a repurposed retrotransposon gag protein that mediates intercellular RNA transfer.

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The tonguss find allows astronomers to directly explore conditions in another planetary system. The strange shape led to speculation that it is the product of a collision between other objects. Further modeling, however, indicated that a carbon-rich outer layer could have shielded any subsurface ice when it approached the Sun. The DNA comes from the bones of a baby who died 11, years ago in central Alaska. For decades, Americans seemed to only think of Korea through the lens of the Korean War and diplomatic tensions with North Korea.

Korean pop music barely registered.

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This is where the tonguew Korean flair plays a role: Their performances involve perfectly synchronized choreography. They also tend to have a very specific look that ttongues idealized Caucasian beauty standards: Exporting K-pop to the rest of the world is not only a goal of the Korean music industry, but also a government priority. For decades, South Korea was a war-torn, poverty-stricken country. For many young Koreans, K-pop stars represent their ideal image of themselves; for Korean leaders, they symbolize the promising future of their country. A unique appeal And yet, until recently, most Americans could probably name only one or two K-pop groups. Psy performs during a concert in Seoul, South Korea, in