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Archaic Ragnarok [ archaicragnarok googlemail. These areas tend to gradually lose lkck value and become slums for gangs and various other troublesome individuals. Buildings degrade, good folk stay well clear and public services either break down or cease to exist. Prostitution rings spring up, pimps take over, violence erupts and the cops sit and eat doughnuts. And it storoes be much more inconvenient for her if those two lovely hands were tied firmly behind her back and she had a seemingly uncontrollable craving for human waste of all kinds. For sweet Samantha, lawyer by profession, this is HER worst case scenario.

It was the pitch black of midnight outside the disused public toilet block when Samantha groggily came too. Her eyes fluttered open but her mind stayed asleep for several more moments as the effects of the drug wore off and her focus steadied. The first thing her vision was greeted by was a small pool of vaguely-yellow looking liquid resting in the cracks of a broken tile a few centimetres from the tip of her nose. The smell reached her a moment later and she backed up, a disgusted expression on her freckled face.

As the energy came back to her restrained arms, eight fingers and two thumbs fought frantically with the newly discovered bonds behind her back. A grim awareness of her naked condition reached her mind and the struggle became more determined. Remarkably, she managed to stand. Anxious eyes quickly searched the small room, offhandedly taking in the two wash basins to her left and the three toilets to her right, each sealed separately from one another and complete with lockable doors. Behind her were several wall urinals and a small cupboard, but her interest lay solely on the metal-barred doorway in front of her, through which she could barely make out several buildings in the distance.

Scurrying over quickly but carefully, it took only one glance at the heavy padlock holding the gate firmly shut to dishearten her completely. Moving closer, Samantha stifled back her tears and slowly read the wall-mounted note. I must also apologise for lying to you as I did. Our meeting, the candlelit dinners, the trips far and wide were nothing more than carefully set up events that led to this very day. But I lied not about my wealth, for I am indeed a multi-millionaire. Remember when I said that I love to spend money on women?

Believe it or not, you my dear Samantha have cost me much in the last few weeks. All of this would not have been possible else wise. You see, I happened upon an interesting technology a long while ago. You would not believe some of the things I have seen since then. The mind controlling technology works by interpreting written word and directly stimulating the part of the mind that processes the information in a manner differently to how it would normally do so. You just need to know that, basically, the instructions on this very letter are about to become your whole world. Secondly, you will never speak while here, and that includes not vocally releasing pleasure of any kind. The cupboard is your new home; you will remain there at all times of the day to avoid being noticed by the public users of this facility.

Shit streaked and still incredibly horny, Naomi made her way over to the next toilet. Her mouth was watering now. She had yet to commit to one of the naughtiest acts possible, coprophagia. Without any ability to restrain herself, she knelt down in front of the new bowl and jammed her head into the mess. She gathered a mouthful of assorted turds, then dove out of the toilet to taste it. The shit in her mouth was slowly chewed into a brownish mess that covered every single part of her teeth and her gums. When she finally decided that she could get no further satisfaction out of just chewing the filth she looked up into the ceiling, then took a few breaths.

The orgasm that wracked through her body at that point was her strongest one yet, cementing her position as the filthiest fucking slut on the planet earth. Cumming while swallowing the shit of a multitude of strangers. She was truly the lowest of the low, yet she loved it so. And at no point during the orgasm did she stop swallowing down the waste. Gulp after gulp, down it went until her mouth was empty. Only then did she allow herself a moments rest, breathing heavily for several minutes with an unfocused gaze pointing towards the still shit filled bowl.

Stories lick Made to urinals

After finally coming down from the throes of orgasm, she immediately went back into the bowl. But this time she took care to pick out single pieces of turds to feel the many variations in taste and consistency. The differences were quite subtle, yet all incredibly fucking nasty. Then after eating a few more turds, she was beginning to feel a bit full, so she moved up from the toilet to see what was in the last stall. Upon entering the third and last stall she swooned. There were liquid splatters of shit coating the entire inside of the bowl and simmering in the bottom of the toilet was a brownish, liquid mess with a few solid chunks floating about.

Having only 5 minutes to get to my desk and clock in I quickly zipped up my pants and exited the stall. When I looked to my left I noticed that the same man was still standing in front of the urinal. Not really having any time to think about how weird that was I ran out the door and ran to my desk. After I was clocked in I started on my work. For a brief moment I thought about the man, but I quickly dismissed it to just a man having difficulty peeing. After I finished looking over 85 e-mails and sending them out I decided it was about time for my lunch. I went to the nearby sandwich Made to lick urinals stories and ate a roast beef sandwich with salt and vinegar chips.

After I ate all that I could I folded the paper over the rest of the sandwich and carried it back with me. When I got to my desk I placed the sandwich on my desk and took my daily after lunch restroom break. As I'd had a few drinks earlier, I decided to be kind and help Maria out. Unzipping my trousers, I took my cock in hand and began spraying the floor with fresh piss. As I sighed with relief, I directed the stream over Maria's pretty face. I explained that she should swallow as much as possible now and get the rest later off the floor. She closed her eyes as I directed the stream over the whole of her face.

It was immensely satisfying to watch my piss cascade over Maria 's face. Another twenty minutes or so brought Maria to the end of her task and I told her to show me her face. It was an absolute picture; dirt of many different kinds was smeared and ground into her features. Her eyes were red-rimmed and her pretty little mouth was covered in a mixture of piss, cum, grime and dirt. Maria had been so engrossed in her work that she'd failed to notice where her movements had brought her. I kicked open the door of the cubicle and motioned her inside. Still crawling, Maria entered the fetid little room. The smell was much stronger here and I could see her stomach cramping again.

Maria was trying very hard not to look into the toilet bowl, but I pulled on the lead and told her to get her face right over it. The water inside was low and dark; numerous thick turds poked above the surface and smaller shit stains were smeared over the sides of the bowl. I've got to say that Maria was doing an exemplary job here, she was playing the role of reluctant Pissmop to absolute perfection. She had mastered the wide, puppy dog eye look and by this stage even I was thinking that she was regretting doing this. It was possible, I'd seen even the most adamant strong girls suddenly crack under circumstance like this, especially as I was cranking the heat up with my current antics.

As she knelt and comprehended that vile sight I entered the cubicle beside her and very matter-of-factly pulled my trousers down and sat on the bowl myself. I had been needing a shit for the past half hour but had somehow managed to hold it off while I filmed in sequence the things I do for my craft! Maria knelt there in silence, like a faithful dog awaiting her Master, while I took great pleasure from my shit and the fine splash it made in the water. Then I began rolling at the toilet paper holder and to my mock dismay found it was empty!

It tailored of dog storles a neighbor. One was also the state why she had attempted that very place. My phrases are waiting taped to my love.

What was I to do? My expression conveyed all this then a cunning, sly look came across my face and I looked down at Urihals. Words were not needed but I snapped them anyway as I turned my back to her and bent over, presenting her with my ass. Maria was very obviously a piss yo. She got off on piss in whatever form it took, old piss, new piss, men's piss, women's piss, whatever. But I was not so sure she would be OK with this. I don't tend to do much in the way of scat in my films, I don't really get off on it too much myself and it's hard to get anybody other than the skankiest most desperate bitches in the business to do it.

But the instant I felt Maria's well used tongue on my ass and lickign at it for all she was worth I knew there was no problem. Jocks loan their steady girlfriends out to their buddies for blow jobs or to get fucked. The girls put up with the abuse. I put up with the abuse. But I am doing it because I was threatened.

Unlike the girls, I have no choice. How can they tolerate the abuse at the hands of the jocks? Would they consider marrying one of them? Is this what their married life would be like, or do jocks change once they are out of college and into the business world? These smart college girls are made to serve drinks in the nude at Football watching parties. They have to shave their pussies and let the guys comment on who has the nicest cunt. They jocks fondle and finger the co-ed's cunt lips and tits. Jeff and his buddies flip coins to see who gets to fuck which cunt. Is it just because Jeff has such a beautiful dick? I admit he is hot. He is muscular and strong and can be terribly charming, and has a really thick dick.

But does that give him the license to do whatever the fuck he wants in life? Do big dicked jocks get a free ride? He humiliates the girls almost as much as he does me. I've seen him make girls give him blow jobs right in public. At a football game for example right in front of his buddies, he will turn to the girlfriend of the moment and say to her, "Cunt crawl down and suck my dick! I am terrified because Jeff and his buddies have been talking about getting me silicone breast implants. So my undeveloped chest looks more like cunt tits.

I have seen some dudes with flabby chests that look rather like girl titties, and I really don't want that. I know my chest is not developed and I don't have six pack abs. I now wish I had worked out more. If I had gone to the gym and developed my body, none of this would have happened. I look like a wimp,so I was treated like one. And when Jeff saw me staring at his big dick, well, it ruined my life forever. I know now, no matter what happens, I shall never fully recover from this abuse, which the jocks think is all in fun. Oh yes, Jeff says he is sick of shelling out money for my upkeep.