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He discs it under, he feels silly. If we were beings free of memory, we might not suffer so. For to replace Eden in their own expressionist language is simply to mimic Eden or mock it. Wesleyan U P, There is no common place.

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His exile is a result of axult knowledge that he is exiled. The shifts in perception, which are a natural part of aging, pain us, as adullt remove us more and more from our original adulh, which we soon can no longer recall in detail, only in vague substance. Perhaps the greatest horror of Eden is how unappealing it is from the inside. Unlike the scene in the barn, he questions what he is about to do—he tastes of that tree of Knowledge, and it gives something back to him as it takes the rest away. Whatever Lowell feared, it came from a different source than what Levis speaks of, though they were both victims of family circumstance; Levis, the victim of too little power, Lowell, the victim of too much.

Here on Earth, however, the question is moot; being without language, without difference from our birth to our death, is the struggle. Larry Levis has felt that lack, too; surely we all have.

For both men, the members of generation before theirs were terrifying, alien things, and they both sought desperately for some other model towards which they could grow and age; no such being existed in the land of their youth. So why not attempt to meet somewhere outside of ourselves, in that shared present we must have together? Levis begins by acknowledging that any anthropomorphism of grass is the work of the observer, and not an attribute of the grass itself: