Vintage pressure canners

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Any modifications you make are your responsibility. I am going to consider three examples below and tell you what I would do, or in the second two cases, have done, to bring some old technologies into the present. A Presto Canner lid showing an older vent pipe, weight and empty over-pressure plug hole, from top-to-bottom: In the picture to the left, you see an older Presto canner lid with an older-model vent tube. While I believe these vent tubes are still available, along with a newer-but-different weight, you might decide that you want to upgrade to a three-piece weight set.

An All-American Canner Lid showing the Petcock, old over-pressure plug and gauge, from left-to-right: What do you do? So long as that over-pressure plug is still intact, it should be fine according to All-American, when I emailed them. I left mine and it seems to have been fine for years now.

Pressure canners Vintage

If you need to replace the over-pressure plug, the petcock can be used as an over-pressure device. Soaking your gasket in warm water for 10 minutes before installing it can increase pliability. Scrub the sealing ring groove in the lid thoroughly with a brush to eliminate all foreign matter. Lay the new ring loosely on the inside of the cover and insert a small section into the sealing ring groove.

The sealing ring must be squeezed csnners section by section as you insert the made slightly oversized ring. Work your fingers all the way around the inside edge of the sealing ring to cwnners sure it is fully in place. If necessary, to help make the cover easier to open and close, a very light coating of cooking oil may be applied to the underside of the body lug. Pressure Canner gauges should be tested once a year especially when canning at higher altitudes. Demonstration of gauge being tested. Replacing your gauge can be easily done using an adjustable wrench.

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How do I care for my gasket? Handle canner and cooker lid gaskets carefully and clean them according to manufacturer directions. Nicked or dried gaskets will allow steam leaks during pressurization. After each use, remove the gasket and wash it in warm, sudsy water. Rinse, dry, and replace the gasket in the lid.