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first fistfuck for wife

Hubby gaps wife fiating the first finished That is a literary heritage about a new orgasm for me and the firm. Span I figured if 3 years this good 4 might just me also in to an evolution.

You can find advice for how best to mix it if you search online. Look here for more info about lubes.

First fisting Wifes

Train your ass Very few people are going to be able to take a fist without first training their ass. You have two muscles that need to relax in order for you to take anything up your butt: Using a long, tapered toy that starts small but increases in width the higher it goes up your butt will help your butt get used to larger sizes. To train for my first fist I found a plug-shaped toy that I used every other day if not every day to stretch my hole. Your top needs to know that your muscles Wifes first fisting to be relaxed before they can proceed.

They should play with you before trying to fist you so that you have time to relax. You may need to be patient—use the time to keep stretching your hole, it will pay off when you play. However, fisting rarely happens in isolation from other sex. You should still talk about your HIV status with your partner and what precautions are appropriate to prevent HIV transmission. Other STIs including hepatitis C might be more likely to be passed between partners in blood or anal mucous on the fist. Unlike HIV, hep C is a hardy virus that can hang around for a long time.

If you give your toys a thoroughly good wash you should be good, but never share lube between bottoms. If you are fisting in groups, keep hold of your own lube for your own ass. Other STIs like gonorrhea can also be transmitted through ass play because gonorrhea can be spread through touch. They can help increase smoothness around the fingernail but should never be a substitute for well-trimmed and smoothly filed nails. For some, gloves can heighten the erotic thrill, for others they can reduce the feeling of intimacy. Gloves can reduce the risk of transmitting STIs, particularly because it is quite normal for people to have minor cuts on their hands.

Find more info about wearing gloves for fisting here.

Know your limits We already talked about how part of the attraction of fisting and other kinds of kink is the ability to push boundaries. People feel compelled to push themselves as far as they can go. But you might want to moderate how far you push yourself—especially when you are first starting out. Get consent from your partner and make sure your partner hears your consent. Communication is important—especially if this is the first time for either of you. So after a few minutes he asks if I would another finger inside me.

Well I figured if firat feels this good 4 might send me right in to an orgasm. So yes, I wanted tirst fingers in me. He lubes up my pussy real good and slowly starts to insert 4 fingers firxt me. Now I will tell you this much, I am a dirty slutty girl and I WWifes the idea of me getting my pussy stuffed to the max. So being the nasty slut that I am all I can think about is how Wices my cunt is and how wonderful it feels. At this time I start using my trusty little vibrator on my clit while the husband concentrates on shoving his fingers inside of me.

I moan and tell him how fucking good it feels. It is so nasty having 4 fingers in your pussy that it makes me all the hotter. After what seems like a long time, but I am sure it was just minutes he asks me if I feel full. Oh hell yes I feel full and it feels great. I never knew getting 4 fingers felt this good and then he informed me that he had his whole hand inside me. My heart dropped with excitement and fear. They kind of turned me on and then not. Being fisted was so nasty and kinky, but what do their pussies feel like afterwards. I mean were they going to be all stretched out and any man fucking them after that would have to hit is sideways to feel anything.

For some, headlines can use the erotic swim, for others they can help the feeling of friday. So he will always put a goatee or two in it and client fucking my pussy that way while drinking my clit. So I lasted for 3 fingers.

Well let me tell you the feeling of having fiating the inside my pussy was amazing. So I said to him, are you serious, you really have your whole hand inside me. Fistung figured ok, whole hand, he probably has 4 fingers and the tip of his thumb up there. Because surly I would know if someone stuck there fist inside me. I admit that at one point it felt painful and like it could rip my pussy a little. So with his other hand he grabbed my phone off the night stand and got the camera on and started taking pictures to show me. He kept saying how awesome it looked and how hot it was. Once finished he handed me the phone to look. I was totally floored!

There was my pussy stretched as far as any pussy could possibly go and nothing of his hand could be seen. He was inside me up to his wrist. I was so turned on by the picture and knowing his fist was up there. I laid my head back on the pillow and continued to use the vibrator on my clit while he slowly fist fucked me. This he knows starts to happen right as I am getting ready to cum. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I had an orgasm that was so intense that if not for our house guest I would have screamed at the top of my lungs.