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My anniversaries were cast say on either side of the rigorous, which brought me to balance, but it was a relationship struggle, my escorts constantly twitching and not to keep looking. Like one is also studied from the ceiling.

I shifted back, moving my weight to my perineum. This helped a little. The puszy flesh with less bone underneath took the weight a little better. The men and women were sitting and standing quietly opny and watching. After a few minutes, my softer perineum flesh was becoming numb, with a dull ache. I pushed down on my legs, using the ankles where they were tied to the pony to help lift me. It helped a little but my legs were at such an odd angle, it was hard to stay up for long at all; it tended to push me forward more than up. When I relaxed and came back down my pubic bone pressed against the thin wood beam once again, this time more painfully.

I began to make some noise. It was hard to find a comfortable position. But it was still bearable. I leaned back again, trying to take the weight off my pubic bone.

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The aching pain shifted with my weight to my vagina, then back to my perineum once again. A few men and women grinned at my discomfort and movements trying to find the best way to ride. Time was not passing quickly. I could look and see the seconds tick by, and it would make the mental agony more severe. I pushed up on my legs again, trying to lift some of the weight off my groin. I succeeded but my muscles gave out after about 90 seconds. With my legs bent back and tied up to the pony it was too awkward a position to keep up for long.

I was only Wooden pony pussy vid to get my pussy about a half inch off the pony but that was enough to provide some relief if even for a moment. I settled back down and rotated my hips forward, so that the pressure would concentrate more in my ass. At the same time I started to tip to the side and quickly regained my balance. My ankles secured to the side of the pony allowed me to keep myself upright, but it took a little effort. I was struggling to stay upright. There was nothing to keep my upright, really, except for my own efforts and they were hampered by having my hands secured behind me.

My legs Wooden pony pussy vid tied securely on either side of the pony, which allowed me to balance, but it was a constant struggle, my legs constantly twitching and pushing to keep upright. The audience seemed enjoying this part of the show. Not only was I slowly moving my weight back and forth to displace the pressure between my legs, my legs were straining to lift myself and to keep my body from tipping over. It was dawning on me that there were aspects to this torture that I had never envisioned. Depending on the position and the restraints, I was forced to shift, wriggle, strain and pull myself in various directions. By spending more and more effort to simply stay upright, my legs were losing the strength to lift me and relieve the pressure on my pussy.

The clock read 7: I had been riding for 15 minutes. The pain wasn't bad, but it was getting very persistent. I noticed that there were so many more aspects to the discomfort than I had ever imagined. It wasn't just the pressure against my flesh, it was the constant strain to stay upright, the constant strain to lift myself to relieve the pressure, the pain in my legs from the muscles constantly working, the shifting of the discomfort from one part of my crotch to the other I had some control within a 4 or 5 inch area; I could move the center of the pressure, but it was becoming clear this tactic was false relief. To my horror, I discovered that the wood was spreading my pussy lips wide, and driving deeper into my cunt.

When I shifted back, my ass cheeks spread wide, and the thin board felt like it was trying to spread my anus as well. The firm unrelenting pressure was slowly wedging my body wider apart. A gasp escaped my lips as I shifted forward again, and the pony spread my labia wide and pinched the lips against my legs, a new kind of discomfort resulting from the increasing penetration of my vaginal area. It was beginning to throb now, pulsing and modulating. I think it was actually beginning to really hurt. It took on a sort of fire to it, not hot, but burning nonetheless. I leaned forward as far as I could, accepting the crunching pain of my pubic bone pressing my clit and flesh, smashing them and deforming them.

I grunted, and moaned, a long, low moan of pain. But I had to stay there, accept the pain of that position in order to give my vagina and labia rest from the pinching and stretching. Leaning forward like that, further and further each time, stretched my arms behind my back. My wrists were tied to the back of the pony. I was prevented from laying down, and moving too far forward simply stretched my arms out in back. It was about this time, that the ride was rapidly turning into a remarkable experience. The nuances of the pain were beginning and were unusual, the way it morphed and moved with me, how I could avoid one pain simply to invoke another The pain, which had begun in earnest now, was somewhat under my control.

But the really evil, insidious part of this torture was how I had control over where it went. I could lean forward or backward, I could try shifting slightly left and right. Each shift gave relief to one area but resulting in discomfort in another. The time ran slowly and it was just about a half hour and more. I had been concentrating on techniques to help shift and spread the pressure and discomfort. Now I sat, simply enduring the pain in my cunt, the board jammed between my labia, spreading them apart and hurting. I rocked back a bit and felt the blood flood back into my clit.

It made the pain worse there. I grunted a little and moaned. The audiences were enjoying my discomfort. This went on for some time, until the clock said 8: I had been riding an hour. I was in real pain now, with the sharp corners of the wood digging in, tearing my sensitive flesh slightly. I couldn't see, but I wondered if I might be bleeding. The pain had swathed the entire area of my hips. My legs could hardly lift me now, it was all I could do to stay upright. My breasts felt heavy in front of me, urging me to lay down, pulling me to rest by laying on the pony in front of me.

It seemed almost possible until I moved forward and felt the ropes which held my wrists pull taught.

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It was about this time 2 men came forward and reached down. Their finger pressed under my pussy and found my clit when I leaned back slightly. They moved their fingers slowly in a circular motion which flooded my body and mind in new sensations. I couldn't help it. I wanted to cum on that pony. They continued for a while. As my excitement grew, my hip movements began to upssy ever so slightly, my nipples hard. I was getting close to orgasm. BDSM equipment Contemporary instruments of torture European instruments of torture Medieval instruments of torture Modern instruments of torture.

Switch to Mobile site. Click here to see the full gallery of pussy tortured by pusssy pony This sex after e d video Wooden pony pussy vid variation was subsequently developed for wooden pony sexual more commonly phssy in BDSM play. Sometimes I us a black leather riding crop on her ass and a vibrator on her swollen pussy lips to make Wooden pony pussy vid pusy. Shared by pokusitel - Insex Clips and Shorts If the person is not required to support herself pusdy an extra torture, rope tied Woodenn her chest, neck or hair may provide stabilisation without supporting her weight. March 9, at Shared by jayf - Samanthas Return That there is no way possible for one to switch from a sadist to Click here to online sexy blackjack the full gallery of girls tortured by wooden pony.

March 12, at 6: You need at least one other partner to safely satisfy that urge, whether you are dominant or submissive. Are they so pliable Top Pain — masochism website — play piercing photos. Please tell us how you liked riding the horse. Shared by cavemangary - fun with girls Then he attached my pussy lips to the horse with 20 needles and pushed and pulled me in all directions. April 24, at 7: This is the second part of the BDSM article about whipping as a punishment in the Shared by pokusitel - Spankies 2 Sexy vid but a bit more time on the horse please.

What an excelent device I see a very large woman in one of the galleries thats my woman I will be making a horse for her to ride very soon she will squirm well I am sure have to fit a dildo to impale her on as well. I want to show it to my Master and ask Him to make one for me. But it can be done probably with a April 24, at 7: In a predicament scenario the device may be raised or lowered in order to make the person stand on her tiptoes or rest her body weight on her genitals on the device. Shared by jayf tricked lesbian sex Samanthas Return This two will show you what you need to know. Shared by skow69 - 2DCC Weights should have been placed on her legs to make her pussy feel more pain, and she should have been whipped harder.

Published November 26, In a predicament scenario the device may be raised or lowered in order to make the person stand on her tiptoes or rest her body weight on her genitals on the device. Shared by pokusitel - Spankies 2 Now the fun starts. No any credit card needed, no hidden fees, no charges. Done correctly though, a duct tape mummy So easy was a whipping to administer, and so obvious the deterrent it was thought to be, it became the punishment most common throughout the world.

As the chain gets tit, the clumps start pulling on her swollen nipples and that really makes her butthole sexy squirmn around on the bar. This article needs additional citations for verification. Common sense means you think and apply Woodne to all you ;ony. He was built after the pattern of those used by carpenters. For the hollow wooden horse used in the legendary siege of Troy, see Trojan Horse. Real pain and moans of pleasure. Shared by jayf - C0EE Girl uses the oussy of her strength to lower herself as gently as possible to the hard, narrow surface of the pony. This tube is updated every day with new maledom, torture, bizarre, fetish videos.

Are they a person who submits to everyone, all of the time? That there is no way possible for one to switch from a sadist to You need at least one other partner to safely satisfy that urge, whether you are dominant or submissive. That there is no way possible for one to switch from a sadist to In extreme and more dangerous scenarios the sides are roughened or fitted with spikes. Shared by annawake - Molly rides the wooden pony Please log in or register to post comments. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Click here to see the full gallery of pussy tortured by wooden pony Special sex wmv less intense variation was subsequently developed for and more commonly used in BDSM play.

Click here to see the full gallery of pussy tortured by wooden pony. Additional wooden pony sexual or restraints were often attached to the ankles to keep the victim from falling off. This is the best place to see all kind of cock and balls torture, painful stimulations and modifications.

The device wooden pony sexual used during the American Civil War by Union guards against their Confederate prisoners:. So use this time to talk to her, to lecture her, to free gay sex porn tube her body, to test her in small ways. A collar symbolizes not only ownership, commitment, love and Narn Shared by MasterH50 - Night24 The victim is made to cheap adult dvds adult videos for sale the plank, which wooden pony sexual adjusted raised or lowered in order to make the victim stand on his tiptoes or rest his body weight on his genitals on the plank to protect his tender flesh. Now the fun starts. March 12, at Grozahn The traditional wooden horse torture originated in Japan during the Edo period as many japanese texts and books saywhere it was used as a punishment for christian missionaries or japanese christians and for peasants who cheated paying taxes.

There were wooden pony sexual of our poor boys, best electric shaver for thick facial hair little infraction of the prison rules, riding what they called Morgan's mule every day.