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And I said, you know what, I'm going to spend, you know, the next I don't know how many years doing theater and feeling that, and not doing films which promote you because of box office. So that I've known, and it's OK and I understand that. Deutch also opted for a skirt and feathers, but hers were together on the same piece of clothing The ladies were joined by the film's director, Ry Russo-Young, who looked lovely in a simple, cream dress. Lauren Oliver, the author of the young adult novel by the same name on which Before I Fall is based also made an appearance with the group.

The ladies were joined by the film's director, Ry Russo-Young, who looked lovely in a simple, cream dress Behind the book: So I learned a lot about what America was and what I would have to accept. Grier talks Farai Chideya about the show, which is about to start its fourth season.