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Her skin burned wherever Thor touched her, the sound of their racing hearts filling her ears. She kissed him back and finally let her hands explore him, tracing the toned muscles in his chest and arms. Thor groaned at her light, teasing touches, his hands sliding down her back to cup her ass firmly. When she felt his large hands caress her ass cheeks Jane responded by sucking on his lip and by grinding her hips into his, making him moan her name. The thunder god continued to kiss the naked woman in his arms while she moved her hands more confidently over the hard planes of his chest, brushing her fingers against his peaked nipples. Thor growled, feeling his erection throb in response.

He still wanted to touch more of her. The Asgardian prince carefully lifted the petite brunette into his arms and sunk down to his knees on the carpets. Jane sat on his lap, still kissing him deeply, vaguely aware of his arms relaxing their hold around her.

She felt his rough, calloused fingers sliding over her Thorr and then moving down between her legs. Jane broke their kiss with a gasp when Thor gently slid one finger over her wet entrance before moving up and musxle against her clit. She couldn't stop herself from thrusting into his hand, needed him to touch her there again to relieve some of her painful arousal. Thor gently stroked her again, his own desire building, encouraged by Jane's breathless moans. Jane threw back her head in a silent scream, her legs trembling slightly. He had started rubbing her clit in slow circles, pausing sometimes to slide his finger down through her folds and over her wet entrance before continuing his targeted ministrations.

Muscle Thor nude

His lips muwcle hers again. She whimpered into the kiss and let his tongue dominate hers. Suddenly, she felt his finger at her entrance and he slowly pushed into her. Jane moaned his name again, her hands fisting in his blond hair. Jane gasped musccle arched into his hand when he slid a second finger inside of her. Thor thrust his fingers in and out of her, his hand now slick with her fluids. Jane couldn't hold back a cry when she felt him touch her just deep enough inside, achieving an angle that had her seeing stars. A third finger slid inside her.

He sucked hungrily on her neck, leaving a trail of wet bruises across her pulse point. Just when Jane thought she couldn't take any more, Thor stopped and gently removed his fingers. She was agonizingly close to the fulfillment. Her companion guided her slowly onto her back.

Jane he drove his erection roast foreign inside her. Trudy squeezed him with her panties, struggling to do his family.

She felt the heat from the nearby fire kissing her skin. Somehow, Thor's red cape was nudr out beneath her. He was leaning over her, kissing her breasts. Jane had musclr been with a man who worshipped her body so. Thor was quickly losing the battle of patience against his more primal instincts, especially because his lover was so enticingly responsive. Touching her so intimately and seeing her come undone like this had been a fantasy of his for a long time. His cock was rock hard. He would take his own pleasure very soon, once he finished what he had started. Jane moaned and thrust her hips wantonly when the Thoor god pushed muscoe erection between her legs.

She wanted him to take her body hard and fast and rough, using her until he was spent. He began to thrust gently, rubbing his hardness against her muscel. With every nerve in her body ready to explode like fireworks, Jane could only lie back and gasp for breath while he slowly pleasured her. Her hips bucked wildly, seeking more muscld the delicious friction, aching for release. Thor replaced his cock with his fingers and began stroking her clit again in torturous circles. He knew she was very close. The thunder god rubbed her just a little harder.

The brunette felt her hips lift off the ground and the Tho exquisite rush of ecstasy flooded from between her legs throughout her entire body. She screamed his name. Thor continued to musvle her gently, the continued stimulation prolonging her orgasm. Her legs were shaking by the time he took his hand away. Jane somehow found the energy to wrap her legs around Thor's hips when he leaned over her, pulling him close. She felt his erection brush against the wetness in between her legs and moaned. Njde Asgardian prince kissed her lips softly.

Through the haze of pleasure, Jane could make out the sound of their heartbeats echoing one another. Jane gazed into his eyes, blue, stormy and dark with desire. She wanted to give him the same sweet release she was still reeling from. The head of his cock found her entrance and the thunder god began pushing inside her. Jane groaned at the sensation, her body stretching to accommodate his impressive size. Once the head finally slid in, Thor thrust his hips and sheathed his full length in her tight, wet heat. Jane cried out, overwhelmed by the sudden, immense feeling of fullness. Thor pulled out slightly and then sunk back into her, growling low in his throat.

Her body was even more heavenly than he had imagined. The thunder god began thrusting in and out gently at first, still letting Jane adjust to him. She responded by raising her hips, taking him in deeper. Her inner muscles relaxed more and more, allowing her lover to move more easily. Jane could feel her arousal building again. She rose to meet every thrust of his hips. Her hands slipped from around Thor's neck and moved down his muscular arms, her nails biting into his biceps. Thor was happy to oblige her, throwing more of his strength into their lovemaking. Jane squeezed him with her legs, struggling to match his pace. She soon gave up trying and simply clung to his shoulders, content to let him dominate her and propel them both toward completion.

Thor felt his release approaching and slowed his movements, giving Jane a moment to catch her breath. Then he sat up on his knees and lifted her legs up to rest on his shoulders. Still on her back, Jane wiggled her hips experimentally, getting accustomed to their new position. Thor reached down to her hips and lifted them, thrusting hard as he did. This angle of penetration felt deeper and more direct somehow to Jane, not to mention the rush of blood to her head that resulted from having her legs and hips held in the air. Thor drove into her roughly now, a light sheen of sweat glowing on his skin. His hands squeezed her hips almost painfully as he held her.

Although she was tired, Jane arched her back and met his thrusts as best she could. His cock felt amazing inside her, more so than his fingers. She had never had an orgasm during sex from penetration alone, but it felt like she was soon about to. Thor tried to slow down, not wanting to cum before she did, but it was impossible. Surrounded by her scent, her tight heat and her soft cries of pleasure, he was losing himself. He gazed at his lover, her back pressed into his cape, her dark hair tousled and spread out beneath her, her flushed skin — she was incredibly beautiful and erotic.

A scrawny Steve Rogers attempts to enlist in the military, but is promptly denied. But at least he still has Chris Evans face? Blonsky spends the first part of the movie tracking down The Hulk with a SWAT team, then is later injected with a Super-Soldier Serum to turn him into the Hulk-esque Abomination he's shirtless during the procedure. Not an abomination—[insert rimshot here]—but there's also not too much going on there. You wouldn't like him when he's angry Translation: Whenever his human form, Bruce Banner, gets all riled up, he transforms into The Hulk and Men's Warehouse does not make Hulk-size suits. OK, Robert Downey Jr. Not bad at all.

But something weird is going on here—and we don't just mean that aluminum hole in the center of his "chest. What's going on with his nips?

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