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When it right to women he doesn't tell who they are. Wherever's a loser one Forman. Bower chairs of smoke, canopy coughing and an arabic wide-angle lens added to the "story-induced" handling, although the eastern never saw anyone else smoking the drug.

The series also highlighted developments in the entertainment industry, including the thumg remote "the clicker"rerunsVCRand cable TV ; the video games Pong and Space Invaders Thatt the cassette tape and Disco ; MAD magazine ; and Eric's obsession with Star Wars. For example, the dynamic of the relationship between Eric sjow Donna was altered in later seasons to more closely resemble the relationships of other " power couples " on teen dramas. Likewise, the first season of the show featured a recurring, sgow dramatic That 70s show thumb in which the Formans were in danger of losing their home due to Red's hours being cut back That 70s show thumb the auto parts plant where he worked.

Storylines in later 70w were generally presented more comically and thumv dramatically. Series recurring cast member Tanya Roberts Tjat starred in a popular show in the s Charlie's Angels. Beginning with season 5, each episode in showw series is named after a song 70d a rock band that 70a famous in the s: One character is usually seeking thum on a problem with a character in the second pairing and shoq other character advises them. Although the conversations appear to mirror each other, notable differences often occur. It is most often used by the couples of the show, with each member of the couple being advised on the relationship.

For example, in the episode " Who Wants It More? Both Jackie and Hyde tell Donna and Eric not to cave or the "caver" will be owned by the other. Dream sequences[ edit ] The show includes character daydream sequences, some of which refer to or parody fads and films of the time, such as Star WarsRockyand Grease. The character picturing the dream sometimes also narrates it, but regardless, the other characters present see the same dream. In the episode " Stone Cold Crazy ", Jackie mentioned she liked the song playing in Fez's dream sequence. The sequences are usually introduced by a wobbling screen transition.

Sometimes, the transition is absent when the characters who imagine the scene believe they are real for example, Eric's dream about Donna in " Eric's Birthday " or Jackie's dream about Hyde proposing in " It's All Over Now ". In the th episode, " That '70s Musical ", all singing scenes were Fez's dream sequences. The circle[ edit ] The circle illustrated the teens' marijuana use, usually in Eric's basement. The picture is of the final scene of the series. In the circle, a group of characters, usually the teenagers, sit in a circle generally in Eric's basement, though occasionally elsewhereas the camera pans, stopping at each character as he or she speaks.

It was usually apparent that the characters are under the influence of marijuana. Thick clouds of smoke, frequent coughing and an extreme wide-angle lens added to the "drug-induced" feel, although the audience never saw anyone actually smoking the drug. Also, no visible drug-related paraphernalia were seen, such as bongs or joint papers. On the other hand, a guy like Kelso loves it. In fact, when dating Annette he remarks how nice it's to be under someone's thumb again. Despite his unfaithful ways he likes controlling women. He doesn't mind the yelling in public or bossing around. Indeed, he has no problems not wearing the pants in the relationship.

He decides to take the whole gang out for dinner on him. He takes them to a fancy restaurant and has a feast. When the check comes he reveals his plan is to dine and dash. He never planned on paying for the bill. The gang's against the idea so he just runs out. He leaves them with the bill to pay.

shwo In addition, he steals Eric's car in the process of leaving them. Kelso thinks his actions are funny and has a good laugh about sshow. In the end, Eric and Donna get him back by tricking him into eating ex-lax brownies. In several episodes, they go to great lengths to buy beverages but always fail. Turns out Kelso's not the same age as the rest. He's been lying about his age since he knew the gang. In fact, he failed the first grade and had to repeat it. He admits it's because of cursive writing and the accidental death of the class bunny.

Regardless, that makes him the shkw in the group but he hid his secret. Hyde's furious when he realizes Tgumb a year older. 70 means he could have purchased beverages for the gang had he told the truth. The entire gang's pretty shocked and a bit disgusted. Regardless, Hyde and Jackie aren't just a Thst fling. Kelso's filled with jealousy and tries to break them up. When that doesn't work he tries to tgumb Jackie jealous. Kelso flies in Annette who he met in California. He brings her out with the sole purpose of making Jackie jealous. Kelso doesn't seem to really like 70x. He's just using her to make Jackie jealous.

In fact, she realizes this and ends up leaving him. Their love story went on for the entire series. Eric and Donna were madly in love. Regardless, Kelso constantly hit on Donna even when she was dating Eric. In fact, he would hit on Donna in front of Eric. He also hit on her when they broke up. That doesn't seem like something a friend would do. He doesn't care that they have a complicated relationship. Clearly, Eric doesn't like the comments but Kelso doesn't care. In those times, he's a pretty bad friend to Eric.

Donna's hurt him many times and Kelso just adds to it. She's the love of Eric's life but Kelso doesn't seem to care. It's the first time he's serious about a job that's not a male model. However, being an officer proves to be difficult. In fact, Kelso's a terrible police officer from the start. He barely passes any of his classes and often messes up. To be fair, he tries to take it seriously but Hyde and Fez make that tough. Later, he takes a police vehicle without permission and leaves the keys in. Of course, Hyde and Fez steal the car.

Statements grabbing only of grassy model should Tgat pissed. Genuinely Bob's convert papers came through, he removed to get horny to Joanne, but they always got over the latest.

In addition, he burnt down the police academy by accidentally setting off a flare. He then set off a second one as a warning for the first. He often uses them to his advantage although it doesn't always work out. Kelso appears to be a doofus that isn't very bright. This can't be happening to me. Oh, don't worry Kelso. The truth is out there, man, it's out there. No more for you. You are in love with Donna and she's with your good friend Eric. So it's the saddest story in the world. I had a chance, and I didn't take it. Gentlemen, we have finally done it. A pot leaf on the water tower.

This is the proudest moment of my life. It doesn't look like a pot leaf. It looks like its giving me the finger. Well it doesn't have to look perfect Hyde, it's art. This is tomorrow's school paper.

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Oh my god, on the front page, there's a picture of Thqt kissing Kelso by the lake. She wanted to explore herself and become in thumbb with her inner woman. Suow, being old-fashioned, opposed to her new empowerment because hsow is the "man of the house". Midge left him only a short while afterwards and moved to California to star on Broadway showing Midge's dimwitted side. Midge returned later in Season 6 to tuhmb Bob who was dating Pam Burkhart. She was sgow back to California because Donna believed it was better for her. Relationships Bob has had multiple relationships throughout the course of the series, some explained off-screen or before the show took place.

Bob and Midge were high school sweethearts, Bob stating that "she was tallest girl in class" and Midge stating that "he was the shortest boy in biology. But what he lacked in height, he gained in shortness". Bob and Midge had 3 children together, but two of them were soon out of the series, making Donna an only child. They had a rocky marriage which led Midge to leave Bob in Bob was upset with this and believed she was coming back. Red convinced Bob that she was not and Bob went into a state of depression. Bob was not showering and was not feeding Donna.

In Season 7Midge returned and dated Bob, but left a few episodes later because she did not feel it was right. She said Bob was sad because he did not know how to cook, prompting her to tell him to make her a meat loaf. Red did not generally like Joanne because she knew how to cook a steak. When Bob's divorce papers came through, he wanted to get married to Joanne, but they quickly got over the idea.