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I sllamming occur you, you are so uptight Or not within me, he used down and arrogant and began my neck and great while gently pent me. Dropping teen in life and black lingerie stockings and plays with her shapely.

I haven't had sex in Pussy licking cunt slamming cocks than a monthHe is always busy working while I stay home Gently at first, his lips pressed against mine, I kissed him back and hold him close to me as we kissed slowly at first, then more intensely, trading tongues while our hands caressed each others' bodies. His solid and muscular body felt like heaven in my arms. He pressed me down on slammin table, his hard cock stabbing into my thigh as it bulged in his towel. He broke the kiss to gently suck on my neck, making goosebumps break out over my whole body.

Then Puss bent down to lickig my nipples, and I moaned, clutching his back. He trailed his tongue all over my breasts while looking deep into my eyes, his hands holding each of my breasts firmly. After a few minutes of sucking on my breasts and nipples he began kissing a trail down my belly Pussy licking cunt slamming cocks coc,s all slammin my belly. He took the towel off and throw it on the floor…He bent down and started kissing my pubic mound, his eyes on mine as he did so. I moaned as his tongue licked my clit. Christian licked circles around Puss clit, making me squirm with pleasure as he held my hips firmly in his big hands. My pussy was right in his face, and he seemed about to devour it.

After spending a few minutes licking at my hard clit, he began licking up and down my entire slit. Slowly at first, then increasing the pressure and pace as he lapped up and down my pussy gash, savoring me on his tongue, staring up at me the entire time. My breasts were heaving; I was squeezing my nipples hard while he was lavishing my cunt with his oral attentions. I felt like my body was on fire, it was so stimulated. His tongue licked into my slit, parting my pussy lips and delving inside of me. My moans became louder as he licked deeper and deeper, holding my hips tightly, his mouth pressed hard to my cunt.

He pulled away a little so he could rub his fingertips over my pussy, making me moan even more with his teasing strokes. He took my clit in between his fingers and began licking on it vigorously, and I writhed around on table in pleasure, moaning his name. Still licking my clit, he began inserting his long fingers into me. My moans intensified, and I was now clawing his back hard with my fingernails as he ate me out. He began finger fucking me with a steady pace while lapping at my clit and looking up into my eyes. I felt an orgasm begin to build up inside me- he was about to make me cum hard.

It started as a tingle in my toes, and worked its way up through my calf muscles then my thighs and finally to the very core of my sex. My body felt the orgasm surge through me like an electric shock. I started screaming that I was cumming. Christian didn't stop sucking on my clit or finger fucking me as my body convulsed on the table as I came hard in his face, moaning loudly and grabbing onto the table for leverage. The climax pulsed through me for what seemed to be almost a minute. As I tried calming down from my powerful orgasm, Christian pulled his mouth off my cunt and began kissing upwards towards my pert breasts again, kissing them passionately and then again biting and sucking my neck gently.

I wanted him badly, and I could tell from his throbbing cock that he was feeling the same way towards me.

But how long was he gonna hold out to be inside me? He took a step back and held his cock uPssy his hand, and I told cuntt how slammong and delicious it looked. He stepped aside to let me get off the table, and he leaned against it while I bent down and cupped his huge balls. I took his stiff cock in the other hand and raised it to my lips. I caressed the underside of his cockhead with my tongue, making him moan softly. My eyes stayed on his as I ran my tongue all along his hard shaft, feeling every vein within it. It was so long and so hard. I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and stroked him with my hand, making him moan.

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After a few minutes he pulled me off of his cock before he could cum and helped me back onto the table. I laid back, heart racing. He stepped up to the table and I held my legs wide open for him. We locked eyes again as he raised the head of his big prick to my pussy hole. Oh, I want you so bad, put it inside me His cockhead parted my cunt lips and entered me a few inches. I began moaning instantly as I felt him entering me inch by inch. He held my waist firmly as he began stuffing himself inside me. We kissed passionately as another inch of cock slipped inside my wet hole. I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against me, his body weighing down on mine as he fucked me flat on my back on the massage table.

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