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Reeves nine episodes, seasons 2—5 ; Sarah's mother.

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When Charlie broke up with her nkaed realizing nakde being with her made him feel like a "kept man" she maliciously retaliated by using her wealth to purchase, and nearly succeeded in closing down, the family restaurant. Tamara Taylor as Grace Wilcox 16 episodes, season 3 ; a social worker who becomes Charlie's girlfriend. Ben Browder as Sam Brody 10 episodes, season 3 ; a construction worker who becomes Julia's boyfriend. Dan Lauria as Coach Russ Petrocelli six episodes, season 3 ; Bailey's wrestling coach during his first year at college.

Pics Party naked

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Lynsey Bartilson as Parker Brookes five episodes, season 5 Chad Todhunter as Cody 10 nakde, seasons Pargy ; Claudia's boyfriend at high school Kyle Secor as Evan Pisc eight episodes, season 6 ; Julia's writing editor with whom she becomes involved. Maggie Lawson as Alexa seven episodes, season Piccs ; a cheerleader friend of Claudia's. Andrew Levitas as Cameron Welcott six episodes, season 6 ; Alexa's football-player boyfriend who becomes involved with Claudia. And seeing as how it naed 2 a. Check out five more Pargy celebrity scandals NBC Speaking later in the week, Lochte recounts his version of events on the Today show, saying that the duo—then both fully clothed, he stressed— went their separate ways picss their duel in the pool.

Prty that wasn't the end of Harry's night, as the world now knows. Sometime in the evening the following day, the full extent of Harry's party weekend is revealed via grainy presumptive cell phone photos of the royal showing off his crown jewels while in the confines of his private hotel suite leaked online. The photos show Harry completely naked, but for one modest hand over, well, that, during a game of strip billiards. Which, judging by the state of his clothes-eschewing self, is not his game. The royal family gave their best puppy dog eyes and pretty-pleases to the British media, specifically requesting that they not run Harry's naked self in their pages or online due to the implied privacy violation that yielded the photos in the first place.

They comply, to hilarious and creative results. Meanwhile, celebs come out in support and appreciation of Harry and his physique, with Lady Gaga leading the online fray. Bullet-dodging party pal Ryan Lochte sits down with Matt Lauer and reveals his thoughts on Harry's hairy situation—specifically as they pertained to him avoiding being painted by the same scandalous brush. The Prince managed to keep those around him amused, just as he does at more formal functions when back on British shores Fun in the sunshine: A single quote from an anonymous source, used by celebrity blogger Norm Clark on his Las Vegas gossip page, says: What would the Palace think?

There should have been better security. I think it should be the other way round. Their holidays together have become legendary, often landing themselves in a spot of bother.

The pair were together on an ill-fated trip to Croatia in August last year, when they got drunk on vodka, whisky, beer and tequila, and were photographed jumping into a pool fully-clothed at a nightclub on the party island of Hvar. Onn a skiing trip to Verbier in November they were spotted amusing themselves by childishly hurling snowballs at unsuspecting passers-by from a balcony. Not a care in the world: Just days after these pictures were taken, the prince, front right, faced accusations of bringing the royal household into global disrepute Worldwide scandal: Inskip, in between falling out of this or that nightclub in various parts of the world with Prince Harry, works in the City.