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Wearing a Sports Bra After Breast Surgery

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Our experienced plastic surgeons will provide breas individual guidelines for what type of bra to wear, if any, after your breast augmentation surgery. We do have some general advice that applies to most patients, though. Tamir recommend not wearing bra at all for 30 days following surgery.

Bra After wear augmentation breast lift

wer This allows the implant to settle properly into the pocket, without any potential interference to the final shape by a bra. If you opted for a textured "gummy bear" implant, Dr. Tamir recommends wearing a sports bra night and day for approximately 6 weeks following surgery. He can recommend a brand if needed, but in general, it should: Be snug but not too tight Have a front closure Have wide straps at the shoulders and under the cups The goal is to compress and support your new breasts.

If your sports bra is painful or uncomfortable, it may be too tight. A front closure is also vital for your comfort, and wide straps help with both comfort and support. Choosing the right sports bra will make exercising more comfortable and take the strain off of your chest. And once you find the right one, make sure you know how to wash your sports bra and take care of it to extend its life.

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Measure your band size, then your bust size to determine your cup size. Using these measurements, you can get wrar a sports bra that fits properly. Running causes more bouncing than yoga, but there are bras made specifically for each activity. Learning the difference between a high-impact sports bra and a low-impact model will give you the right support for whatever workout you take on. Pick a type of support.

Staib brs compression bras are easier wea her to wear than bras with encapsulation, but different bras work for different women. Get fit by a professional. Bra fit experts at a local Fleet Feet location can discuss your activity level, figure out what type of support works best for you and will help measure you so you get into the perfect sports bra. Get deals, events, and more. Connect with Fleet Feet Get involved on social media.