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So take out some time from your hectic schedule to sit together to revisit your past which will fill your relationship with romance and passionate lovemaking. Quick sex, cuddling or kissing- the choice is totally yours. Go out on an adventure — To bring back the passion in your relationship, do some fun things together and to indulge in some adventure is the best way to do it. So next time you go out, make sure you do some crazy things together to keep the romance alive. Plan a dinner date — The best way to spend quality together is to make some scheduled time for each other at least once a week and stick to it.

You can go out for a walk in autumn kicking the leaves, plan a picnic or simply go candle light dinner.

Sex Making time for

Indulge in the light and positive timme and avoid talking about things that can ruin your mood. Make each other feel special and enjoy the moment as a couple. You gor the fun and hardly put any efforts in your relationships that increase the difference between you both. So to save your relationship from all the trouble, tmie the wex alive and make ror other feel loved always. Play games together — It might surprise you, but how you spend time with your partner Makiny a major role in your sex life. So stop worrying about the serious things in life to have some fun time together.

You can even indulge in some cuddling, hugging and amazing moments while playing. Find time for each other — Time is precious and so is your relationship. So make sure that you always manage time to spend together, to know about each other well-being, to tell each other that you care. This will not only develop the bonding between you both but will also help you both to build trust in a relationship. Experiment a little — A little change is always good for both you and your relationship. After all, there is no harm in it. Get a good haircut, focus on your fitness, style a bit differently, change the way you dress up or dress the way your partner likes it.

This will make really hard for your partner to take off his eyes from you and you might share more good sexy moments in your free time. Anything can happen, just be ready. Make your bedroom enticing — As your bedroom is that one place where you can spend some lovey-dovey and hot moments with your partner. It will be even more exciting if you add some glamor and sensuous touch to your bedroom. Replace your cotton curtain and linen bedding with pink satin.

Lit some scented candles in your room and enjoy your time together. Go on an exotic vacation — Going out on a vacation is the best way to rejuvenate your dull and boring sex life. So plan a beach vacation or a romantic getaway to give your relationship a fresh start. It will fill your relationship with love and enthusiasm. Set aside time for sex — It might sound rubbish to you, but for a stronger and healthier relationship, it is really important to put some time aside for sex and stick to it. Discuss and decide how often do you guys want to make out in a week and month. This will help you guys to have sex despite your busy schedules.

Just talk about it and stick to your decision. Dr Gabrielle Morrissey says you don't have to bid your sex life adieu - just learn some sneaky ways to make time for it! Dr Gabrielle Morrissey bodyandsoul. Try to make your affectionate time together be conscious and not just a mindless cuddle that you soon forget. Rather, make it a deliberate time of bonding, such as watching a movie together entwined, or having a bath together. Embrace the quickie Figure out between you what gets you over the finish line in minimum time and rather than try to make sex always a long, sensuous exploration and indulgence, just go for broke sometimes.

Scratch that itch in the best — and fastest - way you know how! Sometimes a quick sprint connects you just enough, spends your sexual energy together, and can be lots of fun too! Find stolen moments of time together and make the most of them Share your showers, sneak some canoodling in during the day, or as much as it may not sound appealing right now, set your alarm earlier and wake up and roll over to each other and make time for sex before your busy days even begin.

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It might be the best motivation to not hit the snooze alarm ever! Flirt It's free and it takes almost no extra time at all. It puts the idea of sexy time together at the front of your minds and may just turn that usual "no" to a "yes" the next time one of you suggests sex - no matter how tired or busy you feel!