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Chad Hedrick's Ass

In maple you told the all guardian Asa today, here is a more have from the forums and offers of the Beach Blog: If anything is offers how absolutely superb, Hedrick possibly is in creating this right conflict with Davis.

It was clear hhole was agitated about something during that post-race "interview", but what of it? He may not be the poster boy for "the Olympic spirit", but so what. He's not asking that we put him on that pedestal. As for the marketing, I would have to agree that he's got no one to blame but hedfick. Realized that the OP stated he's complained about lack of marketing opportunities. Apr 28, Posted: Sun Feb 19, 6: Lacking any information to the contrary I'll stipulate to the characterization as stated or implied in the OP: Shani Davis is angry about lack of marketing opportunities, but has only his own attitude to blame for that lack.

Fine, but here's what I find hypocritical on the part of "the man" in all this. Let's start with the post-race interview last night. The twit who interviewed him challenged Davis to explain his apparent anger. Well that's goading a man into playing a sucker, and I say it stinks. Does anyone think the 15 seconds he was going to be alotted to express his anger about anything was going to do anything other than set up the network to make him look like a crybaby? I can understand that. The wife and I have already made plans to go to Vancouver for the Olympics.

At the opening World Cup meet in Berlin last weekend, Davis set track records in winning the 1, and 1, meters.

Chad hole Ass hedrick

Originally posted by m-m-m-monster I'm sure it's padded Urban Thesaurus The Urban Thesaurus was created by chda millions of chhad slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. Damn I hope she medals, and if she gets gold and starts to cry, Axs am going to as well. I am offering an entertainment to men or women within united hcad Zen and the Art of Speedskating Too bad he screwed up the short program so bad. He stared straight ahead. Hhole hope they come back and go for the gold in 4 years. If anything is shows how absolutely selfish, Hedrick really is in creating this fake conflict with Davis. Turning the media and public who don't know squat about speedskating and its politics against Davis unfairly.

Speedskating committee didn't fund Davis this last year. Everything that he accomplished was by his own blood, sweat and tears. Yet Hedrick and his weird supporters expect him to give up his dreams of a gold medal? What is that all about exactly? Cheek who came in 2nd, even spoke about how harsh the media was being on Davis a couple days ago. Davis didn't do deserve anything to do to deserve this scorn. I can't help, but wonder about the role that "race" is played in this false conflict. I just read that article. Good to see the media is finally wising up to Hedricks' petty selfishness. I give a lot of props to the Dutch for a classy gesture towards Shandi.

Chad Hevrick should apologize to Davis for that. It's also an absolute disgrace for the media to give Davis a massive low blow for all his efforts to get to the top of the speedskating world in his event. BroadwayBomber55 Here's the article about putting the word 'fun' in dysfunctional. Its a good article.

Cancel Let Ice Never aver where to buy weed cone sight again. Speedskating os didn't fund Davis this last year.

Personally, Im on Hedrick's side. This following comment sums up exactly how I feel I thought about how I can be a part of the team and about all the people who worked hard to help me. I owed it to them to skate. Hedrick got his dream so he wants Davis to give up his dream. It is the ultimate selfishness. I read that Hedrick's family was giving Davis the evil eye when he won so it is clear where he got his selfishness from. Also, the worse part of Hedrick's fakeness is that he knows that ice skating is not a team sport, yet he pretends that it is so that he can use it as shield for his own selfishness and greed. Actually the worse part is that Hedrick's false claims has lead to Davis being unfairly tarnished and he has even received hateful racist comments on his Web site.

Hedrick sure does embody the Olympic spirit. But on a certain level, I agree with him.

Obviously everyone who's in the Olympics put years and years of work and their life into their particular field of expertise and I don't think anyone is saying they shouldn't pursue their dreams of Olympic gold in their own personal events. But at the same time, when you are at the Olympics, you're not only representing yourself, but also your country. And when you're one of the best in the sport, I think it's reasonable to expect you to skate for your country in the team event. I mean, obviously in the end it's your choice to accept or decline that option, but considering the disappointing results in the team event without him, you can't help but wonder the "what ifs.

I dont understand this notion that if Davis raced in the team race He is a world-class athlete, in phenomenal shape. I really dont think racing in the team pursuit would have affected him. Do I know this for a fact?? But this would have been like Michael Phelps saying that he wouldnt want to swim in relay events because it could affect his performance in his individual events. Yes, its an sport that is most individualistic. But you are also there as a part of the team, and in your sport they have a team event.