Vaginal irritation with no discharge

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Reasons Vaginal Itch Happens When You Don’t Have a Yeast Infection

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Other natural therapies Other commonly used natural therapies jo vulval and vaginal irritation including special duscharge, vinegar treatments, tea tree oil and garlic. There are no high quality clinical research trials on these treatments so it is difficult to say whether these treatments are effective, safe or otherwise. However, it is important to remember that if you are experiencing vulval or vaginal irritation and it isn't getting better, make an appointment with your doctor or qualified health professional. What is the vulva?

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Vulva is the general name given to the external parts of the female genitals. The parts of the vulva include: Mons pubis The pad of fatty tissue covered with pubic hair. Labia majora The outer lips, which are covered with pubic hair. Labia minora The inner lips, which are hairless. Clitoris and its hood or covering Positioned at the front of the genital area. Severe cases may require a topical prescription medication. You can help keep your vagina healthy by: But if possible, fight the urge to scratch.

Vahinal sensitive vaginal tissues may increase irritation and lead to infection. You should also see your doctor if the itching continues after using an over-the-counter yeast infection remedy. Healthline and our partners may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link above. Your doctor might perform blood or urine tests as well. Vaginal yeast infections Your doctor can treat vaginal yeast infections with antifungal medications.

These come in various forms, including creams, ointments, or pills. However, if your doctor has never diagnosed discharfe with a yeast infection, make sure to speak with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medication. BV Doctors often treat BV with antibiotics. These may come as pills you take orally or as creams you insert into your vagina.

Irritation no Vaginal discharge with

It is not likely to itch or burn. A fishy odor may be noticeable, especially during intercourse. The symptoms of trichomonas vaginitis are similar to other vaginal infections: Some women also experience pain during urination. Other Vaginal Infections and Conditions Other common vaginal infections and causes of vaginal itching include: Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause inflammation of the vagina.