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When I press this button, the rubber rings will swell up, holding it in place.

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Wanna find out what it does? Although he had just epically lost his bet, and he was feeling pretty humiliated, now that he was free, he tried to take it in reasonable humor, giving a lopsided grin as walked away. He was also carrying a remote control that had a couple of buttons on it. So how are you gonna prove it? Maybe if you spit on the end? Ron stopped dancing and he walked over to see what the object was. Zack frowned quizzically at him, and Ron turned sidewards. He felt a massive surge of energy from the device, and he tensed his stomach, thrust his groin forwards, and let out a high pitched grunt. The outline of his bulging jeans was clear to see.

Stories Asian forced milking

At the base was a grip and a small knob gorced an mobile phone antenna. Everyone flrced Zack saw Ron ejaculating hard for the second time in as many minutes, his powerful spurts of jizz flying three feet from his huge dick. It was seven inches long, and about the same radius as a popsicle. Can you make it shrink again, or whatever you have to do. Ron and Aaron started some goofy dancing, and as Ron started some kind of gyrating duck dance, everyone could see the effect of his penis flopping around inside his underwear.

To the watchers, other than his reaction, nothing had happened, but Ron miloing feel himself experiencing a powerful climax. Ron was pretty embarrassed. Zack walked over to a cardboard box in the corner, and after rummaging around, he returned with a small tube -shaped object made of metal and rubber.