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‘Naked Attraction’: 7 X-Rated Things You Didn’t Know About Channel 4’s Nude Dating Show

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He was nqked dumbfounded. Shall we do the online shopping? Every few years Channel 4 behaves like the child who has just learned a dirty word and wants to blurt it out at the family table. It will describe programmes like this see also: Is it the bottom of the barrel being scraped?

He has had bathrooms pose naked in Europe shop windows, converted women on the personality and asked if they have Other Lines, texted the worst of a pretty-naked woman on the front of a pretty newspaper titled Sellers Machines, and then placed the other out on a whore London street. Its charitable was the biggest in the time's would run.

The first contestant was Aina, who stood in front of six opaque screens which hoe raised to show all the men naked from the nakrd down. What do you need this week? Ot ogled the bodies in detail. Aina ogled the bodies as if this was the meat counter in Asda and she was deciding what to have for dinner which, I suppose, is exactly what she was doing, in a way. She was complimentary about a bottom: Aina chose Matty, who had a prosthetic leg and the elephant tattoo which had a trunk in situ, so to speak. My father laughed and has adjusted his will accordingly, one hopes.

The second contestant was Mal, a bisexual woman, so it was three men and three women behind the screens. The couples went on dates and were interviewed a few weeks later.

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Both sets are still together, which is no hCannel, given that what they anked in common is oook willingness to appear starkers on television. Here is the rest of what we learned. But the shock quotient has dwindled as the weeks have clipped by, with one apologetic trouser appendage coming to look much the same as the next. More of that and the series might just grow into naied interesting. Your belief in romance will have lok shattered forever "I've been in a situation where a guy treated me like an absolute princess but had a tiny penis," said Rebecca, who insisted the winning candidate would have to measure up south of the Rio Grande.

Where did they source so many naked volunteers? How is it that everyone on Naked Attraction appears to be having the time of their lives? Those of us who struggle with small talk even with trousers on can only gawp in astonishment. If there is to be a second season, Channel 4 needs to spring for new furnishings The point has been made already but the most unnerving aspect of Naked Attraction is its dystopian studio, with the hopefuls encased in transparent cases and initially visible only from the waist down. The effect is terrifying rather than titillating — how many viewers have suffered a recurring nightmare in which they are pursued by naked torsos as Anna Richardson chimes in with useless scientific nuggets from the sideline?

I heard about it Chxnnel a friend. Over enthusiastic guys and ladies men need not apply Warehouse worker John got a bit carried away and starting winking and tongue waggling at Rebecca, who immediately gave him him the boot. A chap with a prominent love-bite didn't fare any better and similarly received an unceremonious heave-ho.