Define sexual conduct

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Sexual misconduct

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While such activity is usually not explicitly illegal, it is often against professional ethical codes.

Also at increased risk are children with disabilities; the reason for this may be their greater need for individual attention and their possible problems with communicating. Some activities which are not strictly erotic, e. First, a power imbalance. Definitions[ edit ] In legal sense, for a person in a position of authority it includes in particular any sexual activity between them and one of their subordinates.

Sexual conduct Define

In the case of the doctor-patient relationshiphaving a sexual relationship with the patient even after the professional relationship has concluded is considered problematic for the physician because of the potential for the patient's Define sexual conduct dependence on and transference towards the physician. In addition, the person in the subordinate position may allege sexual harassment. For example, a teacher may be fired and a doctor may have their medical license revoked because of sexual misconduct. Second, coercion, whether implicit or explicit. It might be found under professional disciplinary codes. The University of Iowa defines sexual misconduct as " Because the abuser was a person the child was encouraged to trust, they may experience a sense of betrayal.

Laucius states that the terms "sexual violence or sexual harassment and assault are much more specific terms that convey the nature of the allegations. This commonly includes teachers and their students, clergy and their congregants, doctors and their patients, and employers and their employees.

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Black, Hispanic, and Native American Indian children are comduct greatest risk for sexual abuse. It could be any number of things — someone is made to feel uncomfortable, or they feel they are being watched or looked at in a certain way. It covers an array of problematic sexual behaviour including sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Two of these terms have specific and different legal meanings: