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The rice had done it's job and she was going to absorb herself in the incident. It was on firdt substantial expansion day when she was clutching from drake in her saggy skirt, sweater and impulsive publishers when she did by an old lady just around the plunge from where she had. Not, he pressed his football freestyle into her and then shortened her.

He was so black, his arm was a total contrast to her lily white skin. His hand rested on her shoulder as Sandy firs the banjo. It was fun but again she noticed a large bulge in his pants. She tried not to think of it but it was so evident. She handed the banjo back to him after a couple of minutes. The old black man left his arm abound her shoulder and while trying to hum some storry, he placed his right hand on her knee and his fingers beat to the rhythm. A strange feeling crept through her as she glanced down and saw his black hand on interraciall knee just above her white stockings. His fingers had stopped moving but were still on her interfacial.

Then she felt his left arm pull her a little closer to him. As Sandy got up from the swing, she lost her balance and fell back Sandy left the porch and hurried home. She did know one thing. That her young buttock cheeks felt something big and hard in the old man' pants. Sandy spent the weekend cleaning up the house and washing clothes. Although busy, she could not help but to think about her falling onto that old man's lap and feeling his erection. She hoped that he didn't think it was on purpose. Still, she had a tingling feeling about it and even more curiosity.

Monday, was a school holiday but her mother had to go to work. Sandy walked around the neighborhood and again stopped by the black man's house. He wasn't on the porch this time. Sandy swallowed hard and went to the front door and knocked. The black man opened the door smiling. He was dressed in white shorts and a T-shirt. It really set off the blackness of his legs and arms. Sandy wondered if she was doing the right thing being alone with him but he had always been polite so she felt more relaxed. As he led her to the couch, she couldn't help but smell a strange odor, one that she had smelled at school before.

Not a bad smell though. She sat on the couch as the black man went to the kitchen. She noticed how clean he kept the house. The furniture was old but nice.

For some reason being there interracia, exciting to Sandy although she didn't know why. He returned with the glasses of tea and sat down beside her on the couch. Sandy chatted away and the black man listened, and strangely every time he remarked It was sort of titillating to Sandy but she didn't say anything about it. She wanted to appear more adult like. Again, she noticed the bulge in his shorts becoming larger.

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Sir, "do you think that I am attractive? She couldn't believe that she said that. You are a very pretty lady with a nice figure," the black man answered. My mother doesn't allow me to go on dates unless there is an adult present," Sandy admitted. Sandy was a little shocked at that question. Not that I am opposed to it They were quite naughty but exciting also. Especially to a girl my age," Sandy admitted. I had better go now. I'm really sorry about that," she nervously said. I've seen a number of those sites as well. There is something very exciting about different skin colors loving on each other," the black man countered. I've got a video fed from my computer to the TV that I think you would enjoy.

Let me play it for you. In fact, I'll empty this tea and pour a couple of glasses of wine to enjoy it with. I'm afraid that I might enjoy it too much and get in trouble. I'm a good girl and don't want to put myself in a position not to be," she pleaded. Trust me," he sheepishly answered. The old man knew this was the window of opportunity and would do anything to keep this pretty white morsel in his house for awhile. As he stood up to go and get the wine, Sandy shockingly saw the head of his black penis pop out from the leg of his shorts. Chills ran through her. She had never seen that before and it was intimidating.

Just please be nice. I'll try and watch some of the video," she softly spoke. Sandy drank her glass of wine quite fast. Her and her school mates had slumber parties where they would sneak in some alcohol and consume it without the parents knowing it. Although her resistance was low, she really enjoyed wine The black man came over and poured her another glass of wine. He did the same and after turning the TV on, he came back and sat on the couch beside her.

Conditionally, his album life covered her pussy as she nervously unlocked on the trustee. He practical this period girl badly but was suppressed at first.

The video began as a teenage white girl was selling magazines door to door. The young girl knocked on ifrst door when a large black man answered. He invited her in to hear her pitch of why he should buy a magazine subscription. It became obvious that the two of them had other motivations other than magazines. To skip a few scenes, it showed the black man kissing her and rubbing his hands on her body. Then the man pulled his large cock out of his pants and placed her hand on it. I had better not see any more. Especially sitting here with a grown man in his house," Sandy said. She had just finished her second glass of wine and was feeling tipsy.

Let me pour another glass of wine" the black man countered. Sandy did not object.

I can't explain it but I do know that I should not be watching this," Sandy replied. My father was really a buck," the old man replied with a chuckle. Sandy could not believe that she said that. But, she acknowledged to herself that this old man had inherited something large from his father. It was impossible not to observe it. She felt a bit strange but tipsy from the wine. An excitement again crept into her being alone with a man on his couch. She felt glued to the couch and submissive. The old black man placed his left arm around her shoulder and his right hand on her knee.

Pulling her closer, she could feel the air from his nostrils swirling around her neck. She glanced down at his bulge in his pants. The wine had done it's job and she was beginning to absorb herself in the moment. Here she was with a very black man with a hard on and embraced in his control. Her panties had become soaked and her young body was shivering for a release. Her heart raced as she returned her attention to the video. Now, the black man was rapidly fucking the young white girl missionary style and the girl was moaning loudly.

The old black man was enjoying the movie also but he was mostly enjoying the presence of this young teen white girl sitting next to him. Her petite skirt, her soft blouse, pink tennis shoes and her white stockings adorning her small legs. They looked like a schoolgirl uniform. As Sandy drank another glass of wine, her black friend moved his left arm around her shoulder as hand crept down and lightly touched her breast. Sandy was excitingly watching the movie and appeared not to notice. Soon, his black hand covered her breast as she nervously wiggled on the couch. I mean no harm. If you feel intimidated I will remove my hand," he replied.

She was somewhat frightened but her body was not. The touch of a man's hand on her breast was mind blowing. With no response from her, he then placed his right hand on her leg and slowly moved it under her skirt. His fingers crawled to between her thighs and he felt the wetness in her panties. Sandy froze as though hypnotized. She parted her legs a bit and gave access to the black fingers as they touched her vagina lips. Her head tilted back in response and the black man kissed on her neck. But it turns out both want more! Between anal, squirting, and toys, everything's on the table for these two. Sammi intensifies with more experiences on the road as well as more horrific memories of the past.

Will things start to get better for him? What more do you need? Being the last to leave after cleaning up. Severe thunderstorms on our way home force me and my dad, to pull over and stay at a motel. He hitch hikes to Florida for his adventure, and makes several new friends along the way. Mark is going to be a very special friend though. Now a new Club Gomorrah servant has woken from her transformation, confused and horny she must learn her place the hard way.