Hearts game strip

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Although, to be fair; neither was Riku. Really, they've been working towards this for months. When a single player has all of the cards in the deck in his stack, he has won.

Game strip Hearts

And then Riku won. So if Riku was looking at his half naked best friend in a way that bame a bit different than usual, it could really be excused, and if he was thinking things because he knew Sora was fit but he didn't know he was that fit, and how did such a small guy have such well-defined arm muscles, and what the fuck Sor, why do you have nipples that he probably shouldn't have been, well, these things happen. I want you to take me out of this house and I want you to kill me. Riku groaned and handed the card over, shaking his head as the brunet grinned.

She was in Hexrts it, too. It all went downhill from there. Riku had always been the best at riling him up, after all. Don't choke, Ri, you can do it.

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For more than gaje players, play proceeds clockwise. However, if the second player turns up another ace or face card in the course of paying to the original penalty card, his payment ceases and the first player must pay to this new card. Riku picked his jean-clad legs up from where they were stretched across the bed, making himself comfortable before dropping them back onto his lap.