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Individualized, evidenced —based rehabilitation strategies are presented as key components that are systematically applied during the VFSS procedure and integrated into the Strippfr management plan. A new tool that has swwllow developed and tested for the quantification of swallowing impairment is introduced. These methods are directed toward gaining objective indexes of the timing 1 - 8pressure 59 - 15range 16 - 18and strength 19 - 21 of structural movements, bolus flow patterns 22 - 26bolus clearance and efficiency 11airway protection 2728and sensation 29 - These studies have established a strong theoretical framework toward understanding the nature of swallowing abnormalities.

The existence and development of multiple assessment methods in a healthcare climate of that demands fiscal responsibility, the clinician must choose the test that is appropriate for the patient and delivers the highest diagnostic and prognostic clinical yield. Further, the test and the measurement methods employed to capture oropharyngeal swallowing impairment must be practical for routine clinical application.

The videofluorographic swallowing study VFSSalso known as a modified barium swallowing examination MBS is often considered the instrument of choice by the majority of practicing swallowing clinicians because it permits the visualization of bolus flow in relation to structural movement throughout the upper aerodigestive tract in real-time. The VFSS also permits detection of the presence and timing of aspiration, i. Further, clinicians are able to observe the effects of various bolus volumes, bolus textures, and compensatory strategies on swallowing physiology Clinicians evaluating and treating swallowing disorders use a videofluoroscopic radiology procedure to assess swallowing physiology in patients with symptoms of swallowing disorders i.

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