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Penile cancer symptoms: Six warning signs you should NEVER ignore

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Surgical techniques have improved over time and it is usually possible to preserve the appearance of the penis. Some men will need dows have surgery to remove part, What does penis cancer look like all, of the penis. It may be possible to have surgery to reconstruct the penis later. Doe can sometimes be used instead Whar surgery. It may be given lok lymph nodes in the groin after surgery. Chemotherapy can be given in combination with radiotherapy. It is sometimes given before or after surgery. It can also be used when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Surgery for penis cancer The type of surgery you have depends on the size and position of the cancer.

There are different types of operation. Your surgeon and specialist nurse will explain what is involved. It is important to ask them any questions you Wbat and talk about any concerns. If you are having a general anaesthetic, you may need tests before it to make sure you are well enough. You usually have these at a pre-surgery assessment clinic. If canccer smoke, you will be advised to stop or cut down before your operation. We have more information on giving up smoking. You are usually admitted to hospital on the day of your operation. Some operations may cause changes in how your penis looks and affect your sex life. This can be difficult to come to terms with. Your team will explain any possible changes and give you support to help you cope.

Removing a small cancer If you have a small cancer that is only on the surface of the penis, it can be treated in different ways. It might be treated: These treatments can be done under local or general anaesthetic. You may be able to go home on the same day. Your doctor and nurse will give you more information. Wide local excision If the cancer has spread over a wider area, you will usually need an operation called a wide local excision. This means removing the cancer and an area margin of healthy-looking tissue around it to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. You usually have this operation under a general anaesthetic and will need a short stay in hospital.

Surgery to preserve the penis If you have a larger cancer on the head of the penis the glansyou usually need an operation to completely remove the head of the penis. The surgeon can take skin from somewhere else in the body a skin graft to give you back a normal appearance. You need to stay in hospital for a few days to have this operation. Removing part or all of the penis If the cancer is large, or affecting too much of the penis, your surgeon may advise you to have part, or occasionally all, of the penis removed. This type of surgery is only carried out by expert surgeons.

They will explain what is involved and how the operation is likely to affect you. If you have all of the penis removed, the surgeon will divert the tube that carries urine outside the body urethra to behind your scrotum. This means you will pass urine when you are sitting down. Having surgery to remove part or all of the penis may be distressing, but the team looking after you will support you. Changes in your appearance and how your body works can be difficult to cope with. It can affect your sexuality and how you see and feel about your body your body image.

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It is important to tell your doctor and specialist nurse how you feel, so that you can get the support you need. We have more information about sexuality and body image. Reconstructive surgery It may be possible to have an operation to form a new penis reconstructive surgery if the cancer has not spread anywhere else in the body. This llook only done in lookk few hospitals in the UK. The surgeon may take skin and muscle from your arm to make a new penis. They may be able to reconnect some of the nerves to allow you to get an erection in the new penis.

Your surgeon will explain what the operation involves so you know what to expect. Surgery to remove the lymph nodes You may be advised to have an operation to have all the lymph nodes removed from one or both sides of the groin. The surgeon makes a long cut in the groin to remove the lymph nodes. After this operation, there is a risk of developing swelling in the leg s. This is called lymphoedema. The risk is higher if you also have radiotherapy to your groin. There is more information about lymphoedema below.

After your operation How long it takes you roes recover depends on the dos you have. If the cancer cahcer very small, and canecr a small amount of skin is removed, your wound is likely to heal quickly. If the surgeon removes your pdnis nodes, healing and recovery will take longer. This is also true if you have a bigger operation. Your penis may be swollen and llok immediately after surgery, but this will settle down after a few days. The nurses will give you Whwt painkillers likd any pain or discomfort cancef away. If you had your lymph nodes removed, you will epnis a tube going into your groin to drain away extra fluid.

It is pens to a small bottle. The nurses will remove it when there is only a small amount of fluid draining. This can take a few days. You may also have a drain coming oenis the Wat if you had part or all of the penis removed. The nurses will encourage you to start moving about as soon as possible after your operation. This is important ppenis your recovery, as it helps prevent problems such as chest infections and blood clots. If you had a bigger operation, you may have a tube catheter What does penis cancer look like into your bladder, through penix urethra, to drain cancfr.

This will be removed after a few days. The nurses llok check your wound s regularly. They will change the dressings to keep the area clean and help the skin to heal. Stitches are usually designed to slowly dissolve and disappear as the wound heals. If you have had a skin graft, you may need dressings on the area the skin was taken from the donor site. These dressings usually stay in place until new skin has formed. Your nurse will explain more about this to you. Your surgeon will talk to you about your results once they have them. This will usually happen during your stay in hospital, or at your first outpatient visit after your operation.

Radiotherapy for penis cancer Radiotherapy treats cancer using high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells. It can be used to treat cancer of the penis: Radiotherapy may also be used to control pain if the cancer has spread to the bones. Your cancer doctor or nurse will talk over the treatment with you. They will explain the side effects and answer any questions you have. You usually have a series of short, daily treatments in the hospital's radiotherapy department. The high-energy x-rays are directed from a machine to the area of the cancer. Before each session of radiotherapy, the person that operates the machine the radiographer will position you carefully on the couch and make sure you are comfortable.

Radiotherapy is not painful, but you do have to lie still for a few minutes while your treatment is being given. Each treatment takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Treatments are usually given Monday to Friday, with a rest at the weekend. The whole course may take up to six weeks, depending on your situation. The treatment does not make you radioactive and it is perfectly safe for you to be around other people, including children, after your treatment. Side effects of radiotherapy Most side effects are temporary and start a week or two into your treatment. Side effects usually start to improve a couple of weeks after treatment finishes. The side effects of radiotherapy are made worse by smoking.

If you can cut down or stop smoking during and after your treatment this will help. We have information on giving up smoking. Tiredness This is a common side effect. It may last for weeks or months after radiotherapy is over. Try to balance this with some physical activitysuch as short walks. This will help build up your energy levels. Effects on the skin The skin on your penis and your groin may redden or get darker, and become dry, flaky and itchy. Towards the end of treatment, it may become moist and sore. Your radiographer or nurse will give you advice on how to care for your skin.

Tell them if it becomes sore or you have any other changes. They can prescribe cream or dressings to help, and give you painkillers. An aggressive form of chemical drug therapy helps eliminate cancer cells in the body. High-energy radiation shrinks tumors and kills cancer cells. Liquid nitrogen freezes tumors and removes them. Treatment for invasive penile cancer requires major surgery. Surgery may involve the removal of the tumor, entire penis, or lymph nodes in the groin and pelvis. Surgery options include the following: Excisional surgery Excisional surgery may be performed to remove the tumor from the penis.

Your surgeon will then remove the tumor and affected area, leaving a border of healthy tissue and skin. The incision will be closed with stitches. During this procedure, your surgeon will remove a thin layer of the affected area. This process is repeated until there are no cancer cells present in the tissue samples. Partial penectomy A partial penectomy removes part of the penis. This operation works best if the tumor is small. For larger tumors, the entire penis will be removed.

Full removal of the penis is called a total penectomy. If your entire penis is removed, you can talk to your doctor about whether penis reconstructive surgery may be an option. Many people who receive diagnoses of early stage penile cancer often make a full recovery. As blood fills the chambers, the spongy tissue expands and the penis stiffens and gets longer. During ejaculation, semen which contains sperm cells and fluids flows through the urethra and out of the body through the meatus. After ejaculation, the blood flows back into the body, and the penis becomes soft again.

Benign conditions of the penis Sometimes, growths can develop on the penis that are abnormal but are not cancers. These lesions often look like warts or irritated patches of skin. Like penile cancer, they're most often found on the glans or on the foreskin, but they can also occur along the shaft of the penis. Condylomas genital warts These growths tend to look like tiny cauliflowers. Some are so small that they can only be seen with a magnifying lens. Others may be as large as an inch or more across. Condylomas are caused by infection with certain types of human papillomavirus HPV. Bowenoid papulosis This condition is also linked to infection with HPV and tends to occur in younger, sexually active men.

It's seen as small, red or brown spots or patches on the shaft of the penis.

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These may look like genital warts, but when looked at under a doea, dysplastic abnormal cells are seen cancee the surface layer of the penile skin. Bowenoid papulosis can also be mistaken for an early-stage cancer called carcinoma in situ CISalso known as Bowen disease described below. Cancers of the penis Each type of tissue in the penis contains several types of cells. Different types of penile cancer can start from these cells.